Clay Helton “May” Add A Quarterback

Clay Helton did an interview with SCNG today (what else does he have to do?) and said USC might try to add a QB if JT Daniels does indeed transfer:

“I think the May 20 vote [on immediate eligibility for transfers], we’re going to see how that affects college football. That is going to really see for kids, is that something that opens up the door to be able to look at other avenues and other opportunities. Obviously if JT decides to leave, having two scholarship quarterbacks on campus, we may try to acquire a third.

“JT, he and I both said, USC is one of his opportunities. That door has been left open. JT is still in our team meetings, position meetings, he’s still progressing as a quarterback. He’s still preparing. So this is all being done extremely respectfully and as a family. I think that May 20 vote has a lot to do with what the next step would be not only for JT but for us also.”

Helton also sucked up (again) to his bosses for the new coaching hires and football support staff additions.

“I’m really appreciative of Mike Bohn and Dr. [Carol L.] Folt for the resources and tools that they gave us.”

And they are thankful for the game balls from the UCLA game that he gave out (but not to Kedon Slovis).

12 thoughts on “Clay Helton “May” Add A Quarterback

  1. Helton isn’t smart enough to lead a football team (college, high school, two hand touch), but is smart enough to be a politician.

    I’ll let you guys decide whether Conservative or Liberal.


    1. He’d fit nicely into either major party or either ideology , Arturo….


      1. “Knows”
        [I was distracted watching an idiot liberal debate an idiot conservative on cable news]…..


      1. Yeah —Clay isn’t liberal or conservative [or religious] –he’s just a run of the mill opportunist…..

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    1. No, he’s whatever type of “Republican” Trump is, an incompetent mouth breather, surrounding himself with untalented yes men. If only the country had an AD to choose a better cabinet…


  2. Where is Carol Folt when we need her most.
    Why hasn’t she enforced pay cuts on the athletic department especially the head coaches who are currently way overpaid. Obviously, neither Helton, or Enfield have volunteered to take cuts so it is time for Folt to force the issue like she did with the rest of the faculty at USC.

    I am shocked this has not already happened so essentially your paying Helton and Enfield huge chunks of money every month to watch video games, walk the dog, and watch Leave it to Beaver with the kids while also laughing on every trip to the bank while the result of society suffers. Has USC come up with a plan to make up for all the lost revenue if there is no college football season this fall. Carol Bolt, and Used Car Salesman Mike Bohn can’t fire Helton or Enfield with long term buy out contracts, but she surely can enforce a salary reduction plan if none of the coaches are actually coaching teams this fall. However, if you think about it Helton hasn’t really been coaching or developing players for the last 3 years so the free money no performance job requirement job description for the Head Football Coach at USC continues into the Carol Folt era.


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