Who Is Watching USC-Notre Dame Game?

NBCSN is showing the 2005 USC-Notre Dame game at 7 p.m. PT.

I say this is the best game I’ve been to in person. Just don’t ask me to recall more than 4-5 plays. So maybe it’s good they are replaying it.

19 thoughts on “Who Is Watching USC-Notre Dame Game?

  1. Scottie, the one play you need to remember is “4th and 9, Leinart to Jarrett”.

    Stuffed it right down the fat boy’s throat. Fat Charlie Weiss was never the same after that.

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  2. I see two examples on the field of NFL scouts not knowing how to evaluate the quarterback position. Matt Leinart, and Brady Quinn should’ve never been # 1 draft picks, and is a matter of fact, they probably should’ve never been drafted at all. It seems like scouts follow media hype, not talent, which is why Matt Cassel’s career outlasted Leinart’s .

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    1. Not true about media hype regarding Matt – here is a scouting report about Leinart from ’05:

      “Leinart lacks great athleticism, quick footwork, and agility. Will struggle against pressure when flushed to his right and away from his throwing arm. Lacks the necessary zip to stick passes in tight places, which could be a problem against NFL zone defenses. Shows a slow release, and NFL defensive backs should be able to get good breaks on his throws. Has some minor durability questions because of old injuries.”

      Leinart’s arm strength never really recovered after he had elbow surgery. He threw a better ball in ’03 and the first half of ’04

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  3. Reggie basically toyed with the Irish D all game. The build up and environment surrounding the game is what made it great. After Leinart to Jarret the conclusion seemed forgone.

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  4. Clay Helton is the only reason we wont win this game. I got a 12pack on it, already shopping. Quit already Helton you freaking Moran.


      1. Michael, the “Dementia” comment might be post of the year, it is so far out. I wonder if this might be an Ed Garrett post under a different name? Some similarities, but not a dead ringer for Ed…


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    1. Green Jerseys, Tall Grass…typical Notre Dame Middle School Crap. Has SC ever done something like that to them in LA? The thought never crossed their minds

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      1. Some have integrity, some don’t.

        As one other poster pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Desmond Reed destroyed his knee when his cleats got caught in that grass. He ruptured 3 ligaments and had nerve damage such that he was unable to dorsiflex his ankle (point toes towards nose) for about 9 months.

        ND, class act all the way…

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      1. I’m pretty sure no one who saw the game looks at it that way, gt…

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    1. How awful to negatively impact a young person’s life for potentially a lifetime…hope both those guys are healthy.


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