USC Desperately Wants A Right Tackle

USC, which clearly wants another offensive tackle, is pursuing Houston grad transfer Jarrid Williams.

Williams (6-7, 305) was granted a sixth year of eligibility. He started four games last season but missed the rest of the season with a high ankle sprain.

He is the second grad transfer is pursuing along with Keldrick Wilson of Hampton.

Quite a message to the current USC linemen and the idea of developing them that USC seems determined to start a grad transfer at right tackle for two straight seasons after Drew Richmond (pictured) started last season.

19 thoughts on “USC Desperately Wants A Right Tackle

  1. Note to Clay Helton that you should have built the team when you were hired with the emphasis of dominating the line of scrimmage. To do that you can’t hire your dads buddies or a defensive coordinator that is a convenient to you because you’ve worked with him in the past.
    Now you have to go beg for players.

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    1. Clay Helton will never emphasize dominating the line of scrimmage except to give lip service to it in interviews.

      Clay Helton’s philosophy is simply put “soft football.”


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    2. Exactly!! 😂😂😂. Clay Helton is an imbecile, and knows nothing about building a team that can compete in the playoffs. He’s more interested in a circus offense, and statistics for his quarterback, and receivers.

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    3. Always enjoy your posts, Sas, but this water under the bridge. Ever since Stevie T transferred in and saved the DL back in 2016 (’17, perhaps) and JUCO transfers like Claude Pelón and Morgan Bresllin came in and made an impact (Drew Richmond on OL last year), USC has always used transfers to upgrade personnel. Now, however, instead of just using JUCOs, they’re using Grad transfers.
      I hear you on the not developing players, but player development falls both on the staff and player. Helton is Hackett 2.0, and I agree that he hasn’t developed or improved many a player since he has taken over.

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      1. We wasted 4 years with Pendergast. He had Oluwole Betiku on the sidelines not getting any action yet he had 9 sacks for Illinois in his first full year of college action and is still considered a project player. That is a blueprint of not being able to develop from the top with Clay and Clancy. There’s not really any players Defensively that we can say Clancy coached that kid up. And I agree with you on those players that you mentioned they actually came in and held their own and more but us having to go that route shows that we can’t rely on any depth. Depth. At USC the 2nd stringers are almost 3rd stringers because they were pushed to the side for Clancy to focus on his starting 11. Many people who have been to the USC practices have said they are by far the most dullest and non-competitive practices that they’ve been to at USC. Mainly the defensive side. We all have many good opinions about the team but the bad ones are all easy to see that Clay set us back when he kept Pendergast around. I still can’t believe how he keeps a Defensive Coordinator after he gives up 7 touchdowns on 7 consecutive defensive opportunities in the Rose Bowl.
        Only ar USC.
        Ed O, Saban, Dabo, and the teams that only push to the top would never keep the same man to run their defense after something like that. We have a lot of catching up to do. Honestly I think we need to play Bama and get beat down to get the ball rolling on pushing Helton out. Otherwise we’ll be running in circles the longer he stays.


      1. Phil —Scott is busy getting 55 hits on a Sunday without any USC football news…


  2. Clay gave an interview to the Times today, saying “I really need somebody up front that hasn’t been tainted or stunted by the assistants I’ve brought in.”

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  3. I can’t stand Clay Helton so much that I simply have stopped being a USC fan over it. Can’t root for them anymore. Dude should never have been promoted to anything beyond being a QB Coach (even that might be a stretch). But no, SC- in their quest to waste big time money and to never miss an opportunity to think small- promotes him to permanent head coach, makes him the highest paid staff member by far, and keeps him there for years and years.

    Those who believe that Helton is on the brink of building a big time program probably also believe that pro wrestling is real.


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