USC List Of The Day

Imagine the giddy reaction from Mike Bohn, Colin Cowherd and recruiting lackeys if you switched USC and Ohio State on this list.

16 thoughts on “USC List Of The Day

  1. I was born and raised in LA and i believe it is the best place in the world to live. Having said that; If i am a top flight talent with dreams of the NFL i am definitely leaving LA to go to college. USC does not develop players and fucla?…. well, it’s fucla. For the love of God! hire Urban Meyer, give him what he wants and stop with the smoke and mirrors!!!

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    1. Folt won’t sign off on Meyer. My guess is that if she did, and the money was there, that he would come. He seems to say all the right things about the USC job during interviews. And he doesn’t seem thrilled to be in the broadcast booth.

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      1. Meyer, when asked about coaching at USC at the halftime of the Utah game, said “the USC job is one ANY coach would consider elite.”

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      2. 67 — I don’t know why this just struck me —but — at the last minute Carol Burnett once dropped a planned Christmas skit with Tim Conway to do one with Julie Andrews. When asked to explain the switch Carol said something to the effect of, “Julie’s image is a better fit for a Christmas program.”

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    2. Urban Meyer is not the only one who can turn the Trojans into a national powerhouse again. Do you know who else can do it ? A competent coach, who understands that you win games at the line of scrimmage! Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and Bozo Helton had bigger, and better ideas on how to win football games at USC, and they all FAILD !!! Helton without a doubt, has to be one of the dumbest individuals that ever put on a USC head coaching outfit, he’s a flat out imbecile. He actually took the program backwards… 😂😂


      1. He pulled out of the drive way to wave goodbye and hit a parked car.
        USC was a sports car and now its a gremlin.
        He still believes we are a National Championship team right now in his mind.
        He’s not very honest.

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  2. The reason why Folt won’t hire Myers and will keep Helton is, because, Helton has the cuter butt. See, she checks men’s rear ends and she is in love with that. Folt has no clue how to run a University. She doesn’t realize that sports brings in the money. You could have Einstein, Socarates, Plato, and the Dear Lord Jesus show up and do a discussion, and most people would not donate. However, that people like competition, which Folt and Helton don’t understand, if a team wins a championship, then money will come in.


  3. I know I’m late to this party, but Folt is looking like a genius because of the money she saved by not pulling the trigger on Meyer. It’s almost as if she knew this crisis was coming. As I recall she made the decision right after her vacation at Hong Kong Disneyland. Maybe….


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