Petros Papadakis Goes Hard At USC Recruiting

Petros Papadakis didn’t hold back Monday during a segment that took on USC recruiting and Mike Bohn.

“Here are the recruiting rankings. 2015: 1st in the nation. 2016: 10th in the nation. 2017: 2018: Third in the nation. Those players recruited and signed from ’15-18 are the core of the USC teams that have gone 13-12 over the last two years. How do you sell that to people?”

Listen here

10 thoughts on “Petros Papadakis Goes Hard At USC Recruiting

    1. I don’t know where you’re coming from, tebow! Please take another look at Clay’s “walk the dog, read the bible, clean the kitchen table for wife” video and tell us if that is the kind of video made by an “incompetent coach”!

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      1. I saw what you did there, MG. Very clever.



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      2. Damn you to hell, marvienna…..That is an image that may never leave me…..


  1. Finally, someone tells it like it is, as oppose to pretending, and coming up with excuses for Clay Helton. And for whatever reason, Trojan fans think Todd Orlando is going to make a difference with the development of players….why ?!! He had a big hand in recruiting Texas’s #5 recruiting class a few years ago, and not a peep out of that team since.

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  2. If I wanted to play NFL football…I would not attend SC as long as hellton is a coach at SC.
    If I wanted to attend SC for the major,the strong alumni and fans and just liked to play football,and no interest in football for income,then I would be happy to accept a scholarship,play and never be developed for a future in the NFL.

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  3. USC Fan Boy,

    He cannot be any worse than Pendergast. Orlando brings the blitz package and had very quick players at texas. I think he will run a defense that will stop the sweep unlike Pendergast who got rid of great d players and played people out of position. LIke the guy that went to illness

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  4. As Lou Holtz said:

    Bad coach + bad players = bad team

    Bad coach + good players = fair team, as coach will prevent the team from reaching its potential

    Good coach + good players = good team

    Team is only as strong as its weakest link

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