USC Morning Buzz: Does Lane Kiffin Deserve A Better Legacy?

Is it time to re-evaluate the Lane Kiffin era at USC?

Kiffin thinks so. I will give him this: His stature has probably increased since he got fired thanks to Clay Helton and I say this as the guy he banned until he was forced to back down.

I talk to some fans who appreciate him more today than seven years ago.

“I wasn’t graded on a fair scale,” Kiffin told (his buddy) Colin Cowherd. “We weren’t 1-10. All your juniors and seniors can leave then you have to sign a No. 1 recruiting class in the country with kids knowing they can’t play in a bowl game for 2 years.

“Everyone said I couldn’t coach . . . but, everyone forgot about that.”

The sanctions would have been a better excuse with USC fans if Kiffin had also created less drama while at USC. Remember the deflated footballs controversy? It wasn’t huge but just another piece of static during his tenure.

By the way, has Helton ever addressed the deflated football issue? He was the quarterbacks coach, after all. Did he start that morning of the Oregon game reading “the good book” and then stand by as rules were broken?

I’m sure we’d just get the Sgt. Schultz response, “I know nothing!”

This cartoon probably addresses part of Kiffin’s penchant for drama. I even make an appearance at the 1:30 mark.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Does Lane Kiffin Deserve A Better Legacy?

  1. any eval of the Kiffin era…start with wolfie recusing himself as to any possibility of objectivity … he starts everything on the basis SC never has done anything correctly in athletics…other than that ,like a broken clock he is correct on occasion so give him credit for that…

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  2. The one thing Kiffin deserves credit for is how he handled the reduction in scholarships. He got creative (aggrssively signing as many as possible the first year, use of “greyshirts”) to blunt the force of the scholarship takeaways.

    It is believed his efforts led to USC being able to finish without a losing record during his tenure and in subsequent years when the sanctions hit the hardest (2013). Alabama from 2003 – 2006 suffered a similar reduction in scholarships and in the years after they suffered two losing seasons because they didn’t have a plan to deal with their loss of scholarships.

    However, Kiffin’s biggest problem was his maturity. Alot of football knowledge but the personality of a “what – the – hell – were – you – thinking?” teenager. It still comes out now and then (see his Twitter post after USC Bama game).



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    1. Post NCAA sanctions, Lane beat Notre Dame 31 – 17 at Notre Dame, beat Oregon 38 – 35 at Oregon…..and taught UCLA a lesson they’ll never forget, 50 -0.
      Deflating footballs is a good thing. Changing jerseys is a good thing…..

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  3. The deflated balls?
    That’s what you want to drive this with to knock Kiffin?

    This is what you actually thought of and typed?


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  4. Lane Kiffin’s immaturity, and arrogance out shined any good he had in himself, the dummy blew an opportunity of a lifetime. How bad does the USC administration look, after hiring three stupid ass coaches in a row, then renewing the contract of the dumbest one in the bunch ? Marinate on that for a while 😂😂

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  5. Deflated footballs against Oregon, wanted to change the uniform, got punched out by Pola before the bowl game and looked like a Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy character on the sidelines and was and is a complete narcissistic ass. He did come into a shitty situation, he could recruit, he did win at first, but he was just another shitty hire. The best thing about him was he brought back Orgeron, who probably would have made USC into a power if the drunken AD had kept him.

    And weren’t the first three players taken in the NFL draft all on Ohio St at one time ? Who was the coach who recruited these guys ? Isn’t he currently unemployed ?

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    1. Yes, the bubble screen. Every time I see someone run that play, I think of Kiffin, particularly when the receiver loses yardage.

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    2. The pinnacle of the “bubble screen’s” ineptitude is the 2013 USC – WSU game.

      USC should have never lost that game. Mike Leach didn’t have a roster yet that should have pulled out that win. But Kiffin played far too conservative and it showed when he kept calling the bubble screen when he should have just manned up and attacked WSU directly. WSU wouldn’t have been able to stop USC for four quarters.



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  6. Every other offensive play Kiffin called was a bubble screen. Kiffin and Sarkisian took Norm Chow’s playbook, tried to make it their own, put too much emphasis on the WR position, went away from the running game and failed to utilize the FB & TE position and just ruined a good thing.

    Kiffin & Sarkisian = Dumb & Dumber

    BTW, for the record…Helton = Dumbest

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  7. No. His coaching tenure, like every tenure after, was a joke. He blew a golden opportunity. That being said, give him credit for making it back as an SEC coach. However, there’s no way anyone would rather be coaching in Oxford, MS instead of Los Angeles.


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