Mike Bohn Says USC Has No Plans To Drop Sports

During the second part of his “State of Troy” interview today, Mike Bohn said, “We do not have plans to drop sports.”

Bohn also mentioned the importance of football revenue and donors who belong to the Trojan Athletic Fund, who also buy season tickets.

“Football represents and those TAF donations and tickets tied to it, represent 85 percent of our budget,” Bohn said.

It’s all tied together but this is one reason why so many people canceling their tickets, way before the pandemic, was a real issue for USC.

I’d love to know the actual renewal rate because I keep hearing from people who dropped their season seats.

Second part of Bohn’s interview is below.


10 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Says USC Has No Plans To Drop Sports

  1. California, Washington and Oregon are gonna look dumb when their college teams stay home while the rest of the country is playing….


    1. I hope we are dead wrong and you’re right, Michael :That CA, WA, and OR stay home and that rest of the country opens up and that no one gets sick or dies.

      Good Luck with that, Carnal.
      (Carnal means brother in Spanish)

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      1. I hope so, too, my brother. My suspicious Sicilian mind always starts wondering what’s up when either political party fans fear to push their agenda [and that’s what they’be both been doing for as long as I can remember]……

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      2. I know that Republicans have a lot of mula to lose and have probably already lost quite a bit due to the societies shutting down. I also respect the fact that Conservatives don’t like big government and are typically against government regulation. I get that part (and don’t always like the high property taxes that I pay).
        From my perspective, I am willing to lose my house (sell it), find another temporary job, or just live off what we’ve made from selling it, but am dead set against going back to the classroom. There’s no way that I am sending my boys to school as I could homeschool them as I have been since they were 2. The classroom will be a Petri dish that my family will not be a part of.
        The Mexican in me, is not above getting another job or any form of labor as long as I do it to the best of my abilities. I’ll return to the classroom when there is a vaccine.

        # imparareaparlaleitaliano

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      3. Arturo –Do you prefer catching over your right or left shoulder? I’ll put it where you want it …..when you finally join me up there (which won’t be for a long time)….
        You’re a good dad and a good man.

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    2. Why are you such a dumb shithead? Ever read a statistic on this virus.
      People dying every day. You must live in some dirt road small town on
      the bayou. A vaccine needed for any large crowds to be confined in a


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