Pac-12 Media Day Is Now Virtual

The Pac-12 usually reacts to things a little slower than most conferences.

Pac-12 media day, which has been in Hollywood the past few years, will be a virtual event, according to Brett McMurphy.

The Pac-12 waited until the Big 12, Mountain West, American, MAC, Sun Belt and Conference USA all said they would have virtual media days.

I doubt too many media mind. It’s usually an event that generates little news and you ended getting stock answers from Clay Helton. And Larry Scott can still give his “State of the Pac-12” speech via the Inernet.

3 thoughts on “Pac-12 Media Day Is Now Virtual

  1. Larry Scott and the Pac-12 university presidents sold out. They let TV networks pick the times of the Pac-12 games, all the way up to 6 days before kickoff. ESPN and Fox had nothing else going for them on Saturday nights, therefore Pac-12 football is their content filler until Sunday.

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  2. Who cares, because everyone knows Oregon is favorite to win the PAC 12 conference, and it’s a tossup between 4 or 5 teams to take second.


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