“Football In The West Is Literally On Its Death Bed”

Petros Papadakis talked about USC, its new hires and West Coast football:

“Football in the West is literally on its death bed like never before. and at least half the blame goes on USC. The other half, (goes on) Larry Scott and the conference. All the presidents that kept his inept regime in power. God knows, USC hasn’t dome their part.”

“I’m tired of the enablers in the national and local media.

“All the people that made a big deal out of (video dept. hires) . . . and said, `Welcome to Southern California.’ It was a different kind of sad desperate.

“How sad of a virtual victory lap it truly was. Good luck to USC’s two new Southern tape guys.”

23 thoughts on ““Football In The West Is Literally On Its Death Bed”

  1. The reason that the Pac-12 university presidents keep Larry Scott on is because he will grovel for every $ he can get, and that is what the pac-12 wants.

    Creating a better product will generate more $$. But few pac-12 presidents care about the quality of the product, rather they want the quick buck. And that is what they get with Larry Scott.

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  2. …a symptom of a greater problem on the West Coast, Petros?

    Football is inherently NOT a “liberal” activity.

    It demands REAL sacrifice, REAL discipline, REAL teamwork, and tremendous hours of delayed gratification (ie, 20 hrs of practice/film study per week for 60 minutes of scrimmage on Saturday). Most importantly, the BEST gets to play on Saturday while those who do not measure up are told, “work harder, maybe you’ll get a chance.”
    No whining. Prove yourself on the field.

    Real men bash each other into submission. Fearless men risk their central nervous system (brain and spine) for glory and/or a slight chance opportunity.
    Neither are highly regarded on a liberal’s agenda.

    Football offers opportunity to those less fortunate, but they must earn it through stout competition and tireless work behind the scenes. There is no lying, cheating, faking, or hyperbole on the football field. (though many try). As the Ref blows the whistle, the results are right there in front of you. Either you gained yardage or lost it. Either you controlled the LOS or you were pushed back.

    I believe that there is a reason that real high school and college football are being played in Texas/Oklahoma, the SEC, and the less liberal parts of the B1G (the big 10 now 14). I sat in San Diego last December and watched the Iowa Hawkeyes CONTINGENT take over California and humiliate all of Southern California, including USC. Football and winning mattered to them. Their economy sucks, their weather sucks, their schools are not much to brag about academically. Their values mattered to them and their team.
    They really enjoyed that win.

    Petros is right. Football in the Pac 12 is dead–it was dying even before COVID.
    Mario Cristobal won’t resurrect it. Chris Petersen couldn’t. Herm Edwards won’t.
    Pete Carroll gave all of us a brief reprieve, but it was vanishing for you all on the West Coast even before his arrival. Read ’em and weep.

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    1. Thoughtful piece, Bourbon. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Ordinarily, I’d agree that there’s a beginning, middle and end to every football game….. and that, at the end, somebody’s won and somebody’s lost. But USC has introduced me to a NEW way of looking at things: If you retain a coach who REALLY knows how to spin ….and back him up with the best video team in college football, winning or losing doesn’t really matter.

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      1. Yeah Michael, you are on to something.
        Eventually, real football fans yells out, “hey, the Emperor is walking down the street buck-ass naked.” (Pardon the mixed metaphor). There are enough real Trojans that we’ll ultimately win this round.

        Still, I think California HS FB players know that the Pac 12 is a second rate FB conference (albeit with some first rate academic centers). The players go where the game is best showcased. Right now, it’s not in the Western Time Zone.

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    2. Why would you settle for lesser education than the PAC-12 and go to a lesser school like Iowa, OK, Bama or LSU. etc Most players future is not in pro football. Besides, is it worth the risk? Ever heard of CTE? With all due respect, Bourbon, the end all, be all is not making it big in college football.


      1. To answer your questions, Arturo, I WOULD NOT GO to a lesser school. ( I paid the extra cash to attend USC undergrad and Med School instead of attending UC).
        However, the best FOOTBALL PLAYERS are leaving the west coast to go to those lesser schools in the Big 12, SEC, and the less educationally renowned Big 10 (B1G) schools
        (ie, the best Big 10 football schools are the worst academic universities in their conference).

        Is “it” worth the risk, you ask? If “it” is football, then
        Tens of thousands of young American men reply “yes” every year to your question.
        I was quite happy when my son chose not to play HS football.

        I saw plenty of brain injury during my 30 years in medicine–especially the first 10 years at LAC+USC medical center and then Denver General Center (the Saturday Knife and Gun club), and CTE is a huge concern of mine. When this blog site finally wishes to address the CTE question, I’ll offer my medical/football problem solving advice!

        Otherwise, be well and be safe, and don’t let your young kids “header” the soccer ball until they have developed massively strong neck muscles.


    3. You are a drinking conservative jerk. Pete Carroll is liberal leaning and
      was a big time winner. The vast majority of Blacks all over the country
      are not conservative you idiot. This is not a political issue. Lynn Swann
      is a Republican , how did that work out? Univ. of Texas had a sub-par
      season . You are another loser like Guarino on this board.


      1. S:
        Yes, I do enjoy a neat nipper (shotglass) of nice Bourbon after an epic victory and on “special occasions.”
        (Two beers on an ordinary night and I’m happy, with an enviable and remarkable HDL cholesterol level on no cholesterol meds! How about you?)

        No, I am not “conservative.” As I’ve outlined previously here, I glibly vote Green each and every election. And yes, bourbon distilling is a “green” process–far more environmentally friendly than the vast inorganic red wine industry which California “liberals” glorify.

        No, I’m not a jerk….
        but I did play football at USC. You?

        The topic of the day was “football is dead on the West Coast.”
        I am an avowed Pac 8-10-12 fan from 1969 onward. Watching the inexorable decline of the PAC 12 (BB and FB) to irrelevance has bothered me.
        My points above about the death of the Pac 12 FB are well-founded, and you would be well-advised to process the change that is passing you by at an increasingly rapid rate.
        Please stick to topic next time.


  3. Here’s a solution

    USC plays Alabama out of state anyway (in Texas) where Gov. Newsome (SomeNews) has no jurisdiction. Keep that game on the schedule.

    Then play all the home games in Las Vegas where again Gov. Gruesome has no jurisdiction. Set up a permanent football camp and dorm in Vegas for the season. The players are already taking online classes.

    Play all other out of state games.

    Reschedule Stanford and Cal in Vegas or Phoenix.

    Don’t expect this kind of leadership from coach Helton though. But it would rescue the football season for his players and their NFL prospects. Maybe a big USC donor would get behind this and do a big end run around Folt.

    This would be right out of the USC Marshall School of Business Entrepreneurship so Folt would try and kill it. But maybe the SC student body gets behind it.

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    1. Wonderful idea, actually. But you don’t REALLY think USC —with or without student support — would consider it for a split second, do you?

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    2. American football players breathe, spit and even bleed on each other. Just look at “football” teams in Italy, Spain, and Brazil where there are 8, 10, 15 players infected. Are money and entertainment more important than player safety?


  4. And let’s not forget about the horrible Coaching hires throughout the PAC 12, starting with Clay Helton himself. USC is suppose to be the golden standard of the conference, but put their football program in the hands of a less then community college coach, who has no idea what he’s doing. No competent coach in college football needs the athletic director to hire their assistant coaches, that is beyond stupid, and speaks volumes about Helton.


  5. Thanks for the solid read Bourbon. Kinda sad that at some point style won out over substance, and the price that was paid is believability. Without belief team does not exist, progress and achievment are laid to waste, growth is impossible, and hope becomes a four letter word. The value of the whole only exceeds that of its parts when leadership can walk the talk. That’s something you can’t hype into existence. There’s no editing room magic to undo the fugazi known as clay. The signs were there from the beginning. Anyone remember him trying to pass off Coach O’s “one team, one heartbeat” as his own? Ck out “The Best Sound in Football. LSU Tigers Going to War” on the SEC’s Twitter. The sound of the helmet snap will put goosebumps on your goosebumps. Legit. Wouldn’t at all be shocked if Capt Fraudulent pressures the new video crew into making his own version… simply substitute “LSU Tigers Going to War” with “If You’re Juiceless You’re Useless” and replace snaps with an unsettling silence to get an idea of what it would be like.

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  6. College football players are 55% African- American. The African American community is being disproportionately affected and has a higher death rate than the rest of the country due to Covid-19. Football is voluntary, Covid 19 is not.


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    1. So what’s your point?
      Black men and women have much higher death rates from basically all diseases.
      Genetics certainly play a significant role.
      All people are gifts from God. But many races are disproportionately affected. Asians have their own medical issues, as do Native Americans. White people certainly are not exempt from specific medical issues.
      Females and Males of all races have different
      death rates! Why? Only God knows..
      We all have to do our best in maintaining good healthy habits and being compassionate to others.
      Hopefully, science will continue to reduce mortality rates for everyone..
      In the meantime, it’s a judgment call for sports to start now, but this age group is minimally affected by this virus. It’s the people in the stands that are at risk with a proven vaccine!
      Empty stadiums and TV for the games will work for me. I’m sure the players just want to play as soon as possible, even with no fans in the stands!!


  7. Great piece Bourbon. With the way things are going at the moment, perhaps
    Numb Nuts will start handing out participation medals for his “kids” when they
    show up for a game.

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  8. Judging by the looks of Petros, some of his arteries are on their deathbed. That fatso had better go on a diet. But yes, I agree, making a big deal about video coordinators being hired is cringe worthy.


    1. You’re a twit! Petros played the game at the highest levels! Have You? I think not.
      Ii would take a really hard look at yourself in the mirror. I’m sure there would be many features to criticize..
      I would like to see you tell your criticism to Petros’ face. That’s iIf you have any balls!
      You’re awfully brave behind you anonymous post. Very typical of Assholes like you!!


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