USC Picture Of The Day

You know what gets my hyped more than a video? A high-quality color photo from the 1969 USC football season.

Here’s All-American tailback Clarence Davis against Georgia Tech at the Coliseum. USC won, 29-18.

The interesting part is Georgia Tech also wore its home uniforms, which it did in those days because its jerseys were a light color.

However, when USC went to Georgia Tech in 1973, the Trojans wore their home uniforms and the Yellow Jackets wore white jerseys. Pictures below.

Clarence Davis vs. Georgia Tech in 1969.


Manfred Moore vs. Georgia Tech in 1973.

7 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. Where’s the pic of Lane Kiffin wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, sporting a black eye at the Sun Bowl in El Paso when they lost to Georgia Tech?


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  2. No way would a picture of USC’s greatness from the past get me more excited then a hype video. Because those videos allow me to pretend that the Trojans are a powerhouse, and actually have a chance of winning a national championship under, Clay Helton. So let the pretend game begin!!!!!! 😂😂😂


    1. USC Fan Boy,

      I like both. I have a photo of OJ in the I formation. It reminds me of how great SC used to be. I still like looking at video as well.


  3. ’69 Trojans finished 3rd behind Texas and Penn State. I’d love to have seen the “Wild Bunch” play against Texas’s wishbone. I believe that Jimmy Gunn and Charlie Weaver would have had a field day. The Longhorns didn’t nearly have the same team speed as Trojans.

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  4. Posted as much in a prior thread, but even Scorcese would have a tough go of making something out of 50/50 balls, procedure penalties, missed tackles, and 10 dudes on special teams. Anyone familiar with the GIGO concept?
    Say what you will about tone and tenor of this blog, but I’d rather have someone pointing out Emperor Helton is walking around McKay naked as a jaybird (again) instead of being force fed regurgitated crap like R.O.T. is doing with this wormy statement:
    “USC now has a support staff to compete with the big boys on the national scale.”
    Holy hell. Are they implying that these 2 video editors were/are all that stood between us and greatness? They weren’t merely the beneficiaries of the great content CEO’s team provided each and every Saturday? If that’s the case wtf was Bohn waiting for? Literally hundreds, if not thousands of film majors on campus, underemployed editors in LA that he could have hired. Of course Bohn would have also needed to hire a CGI guy/gal to handle the fake-believe winning, coaching, etc

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  5. I played in this Game!
    I was the defensive Captain of our Fantastic Wild Bunch.
    Our defensive ends were great athletes
    Jimmy Gunn and Charlie Weaver,
    Al Cowlings, Tody Smith and others!
    On the first series, GT broke the huddle and immediately started to bad mouth our defensive line!
    My other Linebacker, Greg Slough, and I looked each other in amazement!
    These white linemen were using racial slurs before the first Snap!!
    Needless to say, our defensive Boys were extremely pissed off and couldn’t wait to hammer anyone in their way.
    Punches were thrown and Helmets ripped off.
    The score wasn’t a reflection of the game.
    We hammered them!
    Out great 1969! Team finished 3rd Nationally and went 10-0-1. ..We have the 5th highest winning percentage in USC’s 132 year history (.955)
    It was the 100th year of college football
    Bob Jensen
    #51 LB CoCaptain

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