It’s Easy To Announce A Pay Cut

When I criticized USC last week for the way it leaked that Mike Bohn, Clay Helton and Andy Enfield were taking pay cuts, I said the normal way is to just put out an announcement.

Exhibit A is Arizona today:

Even more interesting, its baseball and women’s basketball coaches are also taking 20 percent pay cuts.

A nice, transparent announcement. No back-scratching involved.

7 thoughts on “It’s Easy To Announce A Pay Cut

  1. Before you spew more negativity on this ridiculous subject, maybe you should take a moment to appreciate the difference between public universities and private universities? SC doesn’t have to tell anyone anything about paycuts. It’s a private institution. Do your employers announce you (annual no doubt) pay cuts?


    1. I’d agree with you 100% if USC’s leadership team were up front about who & what they are: “Me First” business people scrambling to keep every dollar they can….who go WAY out of their way to let everybody know it when taking tokenistic cuts to their enormous salaries….

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  2. Since when did the USC athletic administration start using common sense when making decisions? Didn’t they hire three consecutive football coaches without Considering resumes ? 😂😂

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