USC Hires Hype Video Duo

USC has hired Jacob Brown and Will Stout of LSU to lead its football video production dept.

I know this is a big deal because all the sycophants (inside and outside USC) are celebrating it.

Who writes the first puff feature on their coming to USC?

Also, the athletic dept. must be doing OK financially because it made the hiring by working around a hiring freeze during the coronavirus.


Pause in Hiring – Effective immediately, we are pausing University-wide hiring for faculty and staff positions until further notice. Our objective is to focus support on our existing faculty and staff. 

23 thoughts on “USC Hires Hype Video Duo

      1. No, gt. Video production is as far as it goes. Helton: “USC has a world famous Film School”……


    1. They’ll MORE than earn their pay if (1) USC keeps it’s date with Alabama, (2) plays like it did last time and (3) they’re tasked with finding 2 minutes of “highlights.”

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      1. That last game against Alabama it was so sad that getting a simple 1st down was the main goal. Winning was the last thing on our minds that day. So when we did get a 1st down it felt like a touchdown or some big momentum play.
        If Helton can’t make a game at least after the experience he has now to at least make the game interesting and instead gets embarrassed again by another freshman qb then he needs to be fired.


    1. Folt: “No…hiring LSU’s video production team is where it’s at”……

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  1. LOL! What is there to hype with any of the head coach clowns from 2010 – Present?

    If they’re looking for a theme song, here it is…

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  2. Scotty kinda brought light the issue (which I’m sure had some effect) now is taking shots since they’ve tried to remedy it. lool He’s not entirely off. Of all the things he and others point out that’s second rate about the set up at the football program, this is the least, and the approach looks not so bright.

    #1 SC could have easily hired or contracted from it’s back yard, and someone who is more knowledgeable, steeped in SC football.

    #2 And more logistical help in recruiting seems to be the thing that people in recruiting talked about.

    #3 The whole conference needs a bigger, more tradition minded, narrative spinning, culture selling marketing team; and one that knows how to leverage blogs and forums, journalists, alumni, old coaches, fans. Let’s be honest, Wolf is the best thing happening to SC football, because he strings multiple narratives, he mixes it up and brings drama, and brings up the sort of history and stories about SC — good, bad, ugly, dirty, contentious and glorious — that make it all happen. Every team in the PAC 12 needs to do this, and then the PAC 12 office needs to do this, and to do it for all their sports. (Think of what Prefontaine, Without Limits and The Hunt have done for Oregon T&F…)

    I recall the 30 for 30 SC film about SC a few years back, and it was the worst shit ever. They got some F list celebs to fill up some space and the person doing it seemed to be a film school frosh that knows nothing about the school or CFB, stitching together some LAT clippings from the early 2000s. And people were kinda happy for that, because outside of SC fans posting, you’d never know it’s the most storied and decorated program in college football history, central to why CFB is a thing today.

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    1. USC doesn’t have the imagination to do this in a million years…..but…. if they actually got a video team that was smart AND critical — willing to point out flaws AND strengths—(you know like NFL broadcasters, not 20 year old fanboys), they’d pull in a sports audience hungry for something NUANCED & DIFFERENT. Instead it looks like they’ve predictably opted for a slicker version of the same shit they were doing before.

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  3. Even Scorcese would have a tough go of making something out of 50/50 balls, procedure penalties, missed tackles, and 10 dudes on special teams. Anyone familiar with the GIGO concept?
    Say what you will about tone and tenor of this blog, but I’d rather have someone pointing out Emperor Helton is walking around McKay naked as a jaybird (again) instead of being force fed regurgitated crap like R.O.T. is doing with this wormy statement:
    “USC now has a support staff to compete with the big boys on the national scale.”
    Holy hell. Are they implying that these 2 video editors were/are all that stood between us and greatness? They weren’t merely the beneficiaries of the great content CEO’s team provided each and every Saturday? If that’s the case wtf was Bohn waiting for? Literally hundreds, if not thousands of film majors on campus, underemployed editors in LA that he could have hired. Of course Bohn would have also needed to hire a CGI guy/gal to handle the fake-believe winning, coaching, etc

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  4. This really does show how pathetic USC has become and they seem to believe they are competent and know what path is the right one in reaching the top.
    If they had any kind of blood left pumping and a pair of balls they would go offer Alabama’s strength coach more than he’s making now and tell him to put a staff around him.
    Oh yeah!
    We (including me) must’ve forgotten that our players look nothing like the Ohio State’s, the Clemmons, the Georgia’s, or even the Saban teams that have a down year.
    They get it done in the weight room when they aren’t playing football.

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  5. First glance it may seem like a stretch, but Sam Bam’s comments bring to mind the saying “it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog”. Simply put, how far are you willing to go. Historically USC never had a problem identifying and attracting players who would take it however far was needed to come out victorious. First snap to final whistle and every play in between the men in Cardinal & Gold brought it. That was the expectation. If you didn’t have that mentality you never saw the field. We used to recruit kids from the City Section, from the SFV, from Bako, and from every household that had at least a respect for the blue collar toughness that the game of football demands at the highest level. If it were boxing, we were grabbing guys like Tommy Hearns outta Kronk Gym in Detroit, or warriors like Bobby Chacon out of Pacoima’s PAL gym. Guys you didn’t have to say “if you’re juiceless you’re useless” to. We had teams full of the genuinely badass and practices were combat pits where the only rule was “may the best man win”.
    Flash forward to today and you’ll find Cotton Candy Clay scouring the Cardio Fit co-ed slap fight classes in some gated community in order to recruit as only a non-Alpha would.

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    1. Fricking beautiful, Mockccidental!
      [I sat next to the great Bobby Chacon in a Cal State Northridge gym as we watched Ali/Frazier 2. What a cool guy—-and talented fighter. Wish life had treated him better].


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