USC Morning Buzz: Refund?!? Refund?!? Refund?!?

One day I was walking on the USC campus and I noticed actor Paul Dooley right by Howard Jones Field.

He was trying to find a building where he was scheduled to speak and didn’t know where to go. I gladly offered to guide him to the building, just so I could talk about his most famous line from the movie, “Breaking Away.”

“Refund!?!” Dooley starts repeating when an Indiana student tries to return a lemon to his used-car lot. “Refund!?! Refund!?! Refund!?!”

It’s relevant today because that is the reaction of USC toward its students, as some are suing the university for not refunding tuition and fees after it canceled in-person instruction because of the coronavirus.

“Students have paid (USC) for access to buildings they can no longer enter, technology the University is not providing, activities that are not available, and meals that will never be served,” the lawsuit says.

Before any trolls jump in, the UC and Cal State systems were sued last week by students who can no longer use student centers, health facilities and other services paid for by fees.

  • The Mike Bohn media tour continues!

Bohn did an eight-minute interview with Fred Roggin of Channel 4 and there was this little gem:

“Even members of the media have been very, very supportive in helping us understand the different challenges, and the relationships that needed to be expanded, and then obviously that has helped immensely in recruiting.”

Who is he referring to?

You can watch the interview here.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Refund?!? Refund?!? Refund?!?

  1. The delusional Mike Bohn, and the rest of the USC cronies can pretend all they want about their football program, but September 5th is just around the corner 😂😂 And I’m sure Bohn, and Clay Helton are carefully putting together their book of excuses, that should have at least 6 chapters, one for each lost .

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    1. Two buddies and I paid over $200 apiece for last minute tickets to watch Lane Kiffin barely edge 59th rated Utah State 17-14. We thought it was money well spent cuz we all had a joyous feeling that the effect of that game—when added to the previous season’s fiasco ending —would spell the end of watching Lane coaching at the Coli. We all had the exact same optimistic feeling about the money we spent to watch Helton lose to Cal 15-14 —everybody was sure Helton was finally a goner……

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      1. I remember going to the Hawaii game at the coliseum, which I believe was Lane Kiffin’s last season. USC struggled to get the win, and I predicted that the season was a goner after that. But the Trojans/Kiffin ass lick, defenders, chalked it off to the lack of scholarships. But clearly that wasn’t the reason. 😂

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      3. Pudly —Ordinarily, many unkind thoughts would enter my mind after reading USC is —at this particular moment in time —hiring Jacob Brown and Will Stout to turn out promotional videos…….

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