Ronnie Lott Leads USC Night Notes

Former USC safety Ronnie Lott turned 61 today.

  • DePaul guard Jalen Coleman-Lands, a grad transfer, has USC, California, Iowa State, NC State and Michigan as his five finalists.
  • Four-star offensive lineman Bram Walden of Scottsdale, Ariz., a USC target, committed to Oregon.
  • Alabama QB Taulia Tagovailoa has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

19 thoughts on “Ronnie Lott Leads USC Night Notes

      1. Has to be, Arturo. We could be facing a very inexperienced QB if this game comes off…..

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    1. Why are you so inept with no knowledge of Alabama. Ever hear of
      Mac Jones who will be a senior in 2020. He had some big games
      vs. Auburn and Michigan at end of the year. Match Slovis throw for
      throw and a better runner. Roll Tide!


  1. Last time we played Bama a Freshman came off the bench and picked us apart. I think we have a chance if the Oline can block longer than 3.2 seconds for pass opportunities, but more importantly push the chains with the run game. As of now those sound like fairy tales. But I’m trying to be enthusiastic and think happy things my friend!

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    1. Ha! [Reminding me of that last score, Sam, brings me out of the world of airy fairy tales ….& back into the world of Clay]…….

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  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lott! I had a ticket, way back in August of 2019, on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl….no lie…40–1. I kept thinking, where are all the Lotts?, as the young Niners let my handicapping go down the drain lol…that hurt me, to see so much early, go through so much, and lose in the last eight minutes of the entire season? Don’t think I’ll ever play a pre season Super Bowl ticket ever again, as I gave it my best analysis, and came short! Ugh! What a bad beat! Anyway, I was a huge Niner fan growing up in SoCal, and cherished the defensive backfield you played in. Thanks for modeling the right way to play safety, and football, etc etc etc, the right way! Here’s to Dwight Hicks, Carlton Williamson and Eric Wright, as well!! The best secondary I’ve ever seen!

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    1. This is Tua’s less talented little brother, pt…..
      [Tua being Alabama’s last great QB — not to be confused with Toa, who was the “love of (Clay Helton’s) life”]……

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      1. Thank you Michael for the information. One letter throws off the entire thought process


      2. Ha.
        Damn he loved him some Toa!
        That was another area where he let his relationship take over his better judgment and keep it professional and be the coach. Neil, Clancy, Max, etc.
        Many relationships he wanted to see have roles instead of the best person for the job.


  3. FYI, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Youtube channel has the complete 1999 USC Notre Dame game tonight at 7:30 EST.

    With the stay at home orders they have been posting complete ND games for fans. They previously had the 1993 and 1995 games and a bunch of others against other teams. They’ve been doing it right to help quarantined fans with their game videos.





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    1. And, not the edited down “One Hour” or “No Huddle” Youtube videos of old games. Those games suck.

      Whoever thought to edit complete football games to 25 minutes is not an American.


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