USC Saturday Buzz: Conflicting Answers On Starting Football

Which conference commissioner do you believe?

Larry Scott (Pac-12) told the San Jose Mercury News if students are not “broadly” back on campus, he can’t imagine college athletes will return either.

Bob Bowlsby (Big 12) was asked by Sports Illustrated if “in person classes” were required for on-campus athletic events? “No,” Bowlsby replied.

  • USC is now facing two lawsuits demanding partial refunds for this semester.
  • USC has established “Project Restart,” which includes more than 100 faculty, staff and students with the task of envisioning how to return “each specific element of university life to on-campus operations.”

16 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Conflicting Answers On Starting Football

    1. Michael,

      Folt definitely belongs there. Absolutely no question. But if you could only choose 3, would you consider replacing Kant with Socrates?

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      1. Actually, I’d go with Novalis, Fichte…and, of course, Folt.

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  1. btw, Larry Scott is another goofy Harvard grad who could give a flying shit whether anything works until after November 2020……

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      1. Good news department, gt —- I read the order carefully and I think it contains some language that could be used to support controlled attendance at athletic events……

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      2. I’ve often wondered if spring football was a good idea.


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      3. Just the kind of hedge your bet, split the difference, fence sitting statement we’d expect, gt……

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  2. The SJ Mercury News journalist is Jon Wilner. He is still employed by the owners of the Daily News. So Mr Wolf they obviously chose him over you. He is a much better journalist than you.


  3. More and more people are crying foul over this attempt to wrestle control without firing a shot. I bet by August we will see students back on campus with hybrid learning models to accommodate the people who fear covid And those who believe it should be their choice. Football will be back.

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    1. No, Lyle —time reversal requires the super-secret weapon in “Galaxy Quest”: Omega 13….


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