Julien Simon Commits To USC

Julien Simon, an “athlete” from Tacoma, Wash., committed to USC today.

USC’s recruiting class ranks No. 5 per 247 and No. 7 by Rivals.

Donte Williams was pretty happy, complete with this weird illustration. Look at the size of the feathers on that helmet! Now I know why USC is hiring some video guys.


Photo credit/Scorebook Live

24 thoughts on “Julien Simon Commits To USC

  1. Watched his video. He seems slow, but highlights videos are always deceiving. Whatever his ability level he has a nose for the football. The big question is where he will play? He’s on both sides of the ball.
    And the rub is whether he will be brought up to college level.

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      1. There are some great Pop Warner, Little League, AAU Coaches in this country who have better coaching IQ’s and know what is most important at a place like USC than Clay Helton. I’d bet a couple of CIF coaches would run a few laps around him.

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      2. Why stop at CIF, Sam? I played for a CYO coach who was a better leader than Helton…..


  2. What is. “Take Back the West”? Forget that, it should read to be the best in the nation, you have to go through SC first. SC must get back to national championship caliber football. It should be a foregone conclusion that SC always dominates the west.

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    1. I think it’s a nod to himself; Oregon was getting better recruits when Williams was there and had taken over the West in his eyes. Now that he’s at SC, he’s taking it back (I guess).

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      1. He coached Thomas Graham Jr and Deommodore Lenoir the past two seasons who have been said to have elevated their games each season and are now the top CB tandem in the conference. Two kids that USC either stopped or went after too late in the recruiting. Graham was a Trojan for sure then we stopped and now he’s gonna be a 4 year starter as Oregon. We need Olaijah Griffin, Isaac Taylor-Stuart and Chris Steele to show up big this season to beat teams and hopefully Don’t Williams gets the best out of them.

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  3. I don’t know why Scott’s complaining about that warrior’s uniform. The “extra large” cardinal/magenta plume, the “extra long” cardinal/plum cape! Wow! I’d pay anything to see Helton and Bohn embrace after the game in those outfits….surrounded by unsuspecting sheep.

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  4. Nice. I think they recruited him to play LB.

    Good to see the new hires really hitting it hard out there and finishing.

    What a change from Penderass and baxter doing absolutely nothing on the trail.

    Bringing in some good players. Kudos to the staff on these gets.

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  5. Nice pickup at LB for the Trojans. He sounds like he’s all business and is ready to move forward with whatever goals he wants to accomplish. If he can convince his teammate J.T. Tuimoloau to be a Trojan……..LOOOOOK OUT!!!!!

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      1. His teammate is arguably the best DL in the nation with Korey Foreman.

        A win over Bama would land both most likely but I know that’s not likely. But a playoff season could also land them.
        Urban Meyer taking over is the only sure way but without any hard evidence that Helton belongs in the conversation as one of the top coaches we have an uphill battle for great/elite players that aren’t from the area.


    1. Isn’t he related to Rey Malauga.?.?.? Hmmm, nephew maybe? Anyway the buckeyes seem to think he’s slipping away from them.


      1. They’re not teammates at they’re high schools but play together for FSP Blue Chips 7on7 team.


  6. Anyone else annoyed with Take Back The West as a slogan? It plays right into Clay’s Pac 12 contention is good enough mantra.

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    1. First we need to take back their backyard of Los Angeles because Alabama just grabbed a qb out of Heltons hands from Mater Dei Bryce Young and Clemson was about to take Korey Foreman from Corona Centennial until recently. These kids shouldn’t even be thinking about leaving to play ball elsewhere. Helton needs to reevaluate his top recruiting priority by 1. WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES 2. Putting a fence around Southern California.


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