USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Donte Williams

He hasn’t coached a game and USC fans already worship him. They don’t even care USC lost its top offensive line prospect to Oregon.

USC baseball

So will some players return next year because the baseball draft is only 5 rounds and undrafted players get no more than $20,000? How much extra money will it cost the athletic dept. to accommodate the returning players and incoming freshmen who are on scholarship?

USC offensive tackles

The returning tackles dodged a bullet when Hampton’s Keldrick Wilson committed to Pitt. But they still need to wait for Houston offensive tackle Jarrid Williams to pick a school. By the way, the coaches have complete confidence in you just in case Williams does not come to USC.


USC expectations

USC used to have Ed Orgeron. Now it celebrates hiring his “hype video” guys.

Carol Folt

She’s lost her “woman of the people” persona by having USC buy her an $8.5 million house and refusing to give students a partial refund for the spring semester.

Mike Bohn

I give him props for honoring the 1984 Olympics in the background but someone needs to scale his head on TV interviews. He’s blocking the peristyle.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. The offensive line has never been a priority for Clay Helton, so losing out on Keldrick Wilson is no big deal. Because he has bigger, and better ideas on how to win a national championship, he just hasn’t figured it out yet going into his 5th season. 😂😂

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      1. I love the attention I get from Jack-Pudly76, because He-She is a great USC insider of information…Ain’t that right, Pops ? And btw, you forgot to blow me a kiss 💋. 😂😂


      1. 67 –I’ve been watching old Donte Williams interviews and post game comments and — seriously — Bohn should make him Head Coach right now. He’s got all the stuff Helton is missing — smarts, sincerity, charisma and leadership.
        [It’s time to see if Helton is so much of a pussy that he’d be willing to get paid for sitting in a corner —while a real coach runs the program]…


      2. P. S.
        You’re right —winning percentages below 50% —-and especially under 40% —- and definitely under 30% —-don’t look so good on resumes. Which raises a question: What is Helton’s winning percentage as an underdog?


      3. Ha! I guess his average would look better if he were college football’s equivalent of “home run king”…..


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