JT Daniels The No. 2-Ranked Transfer?

Since everything has to be ranked, 247Sports has its list ranking all the players in the NCAA transfer portal.

USC quarterback JT Daniels is the No. 2-ranked transfer and top uncommitted QB. That’s intriguing, because I’ve heard some schools expected to be immediately interested did not reach out to Daniels when he announced he might transfer.

Daniels is given a ranking of 96. By comparison, Jack Sears is only an 84. That seems low, especially when you consider former USC safety C.J. Pollard is an 85. Former USC wide receiver Velus Jones is 82.

Maybe worse, former Stanford quarterback K.J. Costello is 95 and ranked below Daniels. Costello’s actually performed for several years and he still can’t ranked above Daniels? Recruiting reputations always get in the way.

10 thoughts on “JT Daniels The No. 2-Ranked Transfer?

  1. Jack has arm talent and good feet…but the fact he lost the only game he started [against an average Pac 12 team in his home stadium] …and didn’t put up spectacular numbers in the process…. isn’t helping…

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    1. Michael, you’re a good dude, but that is just flat-out stupid. Why don’t you list some of the real reasons why USC choked that game away, not to mention the Head Dolt’s decision-making and “leadership”. Regardless of the “only game he started he lost” (which is a ridiculous argument; that means nothing in light of what I mentioned, above) that shouldn’t affect his desirability as a QB transfer. Regarding the dolt of a head coach, he should’ve started him or at least played him more. That’s not Jack’s fault. Making him the fourth-stringer last year for for own pathetic political purposes makes Helton a disingenuous ass in my estimation. Enough of the “but he’s a good man” excuses for Helton.


      1. Don’t get me wrong, Danny — Herman outcoached Helton in that game (what else is new)? But maybe there’s something to the concerns that Helton (Tyson), Ellis and Harrell expressed about Jack straying from or not knowing the playbook. There’s gotta be a reason why the QB coaches themselves never touted Jack as #1 —in spite of his athleticism. Was he too much of an ad libber for the USC system?
        And…if that’s all it is …. why aren’t other teams interested?
        As for your other observation — you’re right: placing Sears beneath Fink (who’s a great kid but a below average QB) tells us everything we need to know about Helton.


      2. Hey Danny, did rosen ever get even with those other teams? I noticed another of his teams drafted a qb in the first round this year, making josh one of the most consistent gbs of all time…ooops, sorry! wrong board..

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      3. Rosen does special things for a team —just look at Mora’s won/loss record after Joshie arrived……

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    2. With all due respect. Just watch the game again. 3 for 7 in his first college snap with virtually no first team practice reps. Then after series #2 74% completion rate with 4 blatant drops included in the rate. The winning touchdown (a perfect dime btw) dropped by Vaughns. Also Jack rushed for more yards in that game than JT did the whole season. Oh ya, that horrible line that everyone talks about, Jack was sacked once because he is mobile. Does any one seem to remember special teams giving up one of the most egregious punt returns of the last 2 centuries when Henry ran back 98 yards (150 yards in total running distance). Last time i checked Jack doesn’t play on the punt coverage team, but probably should. You are right, no coach on helton’s staff ever said he should have been the starter. Well when you made a deal with a parent and your brother is the qb coach, do you think the staff is ever going to say anything contradictory to the media. Btw, the players in mass wanted Sears as the QB, check the reports. Captains went to helton after the ASU game and he said his hands were tied. Bull shit, its your team and you are the admiral. Who the F tied your hands. Not Swann, he couldn’t care less. Oh ya, that mediocre ASU team finished higher in the conference than USC and had a win at Michigan St. But I guess the 5 star QB lead trojans were brilliant the next week against a 2 and 10 Beaver team in LA with a dazzling 14 for 26 for 177 (the worst secondary in the conference) by JT. And helton says JT had his best game of the season that day. -21yds that day on the ground so 156 in production. Jack’s ASU game was 20 of 28 for 235 and +22 on the ground for 257 production against a much better defense. The team also voiced that he was a much better leader. So watch the games, and tell me what you think.


  2. JT Daniels is the #2 ranked transfer? 🤔. Man…. the con game continues, somebody in his family must work for a PR firm . 😂😂


  3. Name the QB in the game stats below:

    USC vs. Utah
    Utah 26
    USC 18 LOST
    Passing % – 69.2%
    253 yards
    18 for 26
    1 TD by running
    Rating 151
    Int. 0

    USC v. AZ State
    AZ State 38
    USC 35 LOST
    20 of 28
    Rating 165.5
    2 TD’s passing
    235 yards
    Int. 0
    Fumbles lost 1


    USC vs. Utah – 2016

    USC vs. AZ State – 2018


  4. Hey Pud (an apt name for you), what does Rosen have to do with anything in this thread? I don’t follow UCLA football. Only USC. Not “wrong board”, but rather “entirely wrong topic”, as far as your non-sequitur post, dipshit.


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