Just How Good Are Those Basketball Grad Transfers?

With all those grad transfers USC is taking, only one made 247’s Top 30 list (Chevez Goodwin is No. 14).

USC is still recruiting No. 24, Jalen Coleman-Lands of DePaul.

Just how much excitement is there regarding the next basketball season? I don’t see USC in any top 25 rankings and it seems like there is little buzz other than an occassional reference to Evan Mobley being a top-five player.

9 thoughts on “Just How Good Are Those Basketball Grad Transfers?

    1. Also, pt ….USC fans are still reveling over getting to the elite 8 in one of the computer tournaments……

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  1. And in other news….

    Wonder how many games they have to vacate?

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    1. The reason Duke ended up with Marvin Bagley was there were rumors thats he and his father took money late at the very end. The last month of his recruitment USC was said to be the team he was going to reclassify to play for.
      Zion Williamson’s mother and father are guilty of asking and taking from Duke. There is one more player that is accused of the same that played with Duke two years ago also with similar allegations. When will they drop the hammer on Coach K. He was the last coach in College to run a clean program but a few seasons ago a lot of people have said he’s in on doing whatever he has to do to get a kid now from time to time.

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  2. Good basketball teams need time to develop chemistry- it is why a team like Spain does so well against the a team like team USA. I wouldn’t expect this team to do real well considering the little time they’d have.

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    1. Enfield is putting a good squad together loaded with ready to go players built the Mobley Brothers to lead the team.
      The only weakness and it could be a big problem or reason why the team doesn’t go far right now is at Point Guard. Even if Elijah Weaver had returned we were a big question mark at PG.
      It’ll be tough to win games if we can’t settle this problem.

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  3. I though we had some insane recruiting class coming next year, or something like that. Yeah, still didn’t pay much attention. Was I on the moon or just making things up in my mind?


    1. We have the top player coming in with some ready to go transfers. Currently USC has the #1 class for 2021 which will change later. But the team will be good next year but it will either make some serious noise or just be an average team that gets to the tournament because without a point guard actually running the floor that has command of everything and make an important bucket from time to time we don’t go very far even with Evan Mobley.


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