Clay Helton Says Pac-12 Only Schedule Being Discussed

During a Pac-12 “webinar” today, Clay Helton said one of the possible schedule scenarios that has been discussed is to play every team in the conference.

That would mean USC plays 11 games against all the Pac-12 schools. And then Notre Dame?

I bet Helton would love this scenario. Drop Alabama and New Mexico for Oregon State and Washington State. From 1-1 to 2-0?

I don’t think Alabama and New Mexico would love it, however.

The webinar also included David Shaw and Nick Rolovich.


10 thoughts on “Clay Helton Says Pac-12 Only Schedule Being Discussed

  1. I don’t see it that way, Scott…

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      1. If you didn’t know anything [A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G] about this man, this would be a cute little video….

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  2. I don’t think the powers to be at Alabama will allow the USC game to be cancelled, and Bozo Helton will have zero influence on the decision. The game will show how far behind the Trojans are from contending for a national championship .

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  3. Texas (where the game will be played) has eased restrictions already. There is no reason to not play except ESPN has already called us losers of this game. What I want to know is who forfeits if it’s called on account of a hoax.


  4. Just thinking…having No Fans in the Stands isn’t much different that having the games on the Pac-12 Network.


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