Pac-12 Tries To Talk Tough

Apparently, the Pac-12 didn’t like all the speculation about it not playing football.

So Larry Scott tried to sound like a tough guy, at least in the first sentence.

The Pac-12 and our member universities will make our own determinations on when our student-athletes can return to play and when and how campuses will reopen to students.

These decisions will be based first and foremost on the health and well-being of all those connected to the Pac-12, and informed by the advice of public health and medical experts along with state and local governmental orders. Every day we are learning new and important information that will inform our decisions, and we believe that there is a great benefit to having as much relevant data as possible before making such decisions.

21 thoughts on “Pac-12 Tries To Talk Tough

  1. Some sports fans thought the world would end if there was no March Madness or Dodgers’ baseball, but I just checked outside, and everything is still standing.

    Now the bigger question is can we get by without college football. The odds are there won’t be a 2020 season, so I will keep checking outside for any new developments.

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  2. Larry Scott made a mistake in his first sentence. It should have read:

    “Governor Gavin Newsome will make the determination[s]…”

    The future of 2020 Pac – 12 football will be made by the Governor of CA. If he extends stay at home orders then CFB in CA will have no choice but to follow. And with the announcement yesterday that LA County may have the order extended through August, I’m sure the rest of the state will follow.


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  3. How bad will the PAC 12 look after Alabama runs through USC like a Pop Warner team ? If Oregon doesn’t have a similar season as they did in 2019, then once again, the conference won’t be represented in the playoffs. How do you like that, Larry Scott ? 😂😂


    1. USC’s [potential] performance against Alabama is the least of Larry Scott’s problems…..

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  4. What happens if there is never a vaccine for the Wuhan flu, will all sports cease forever ?

    If there is a vaccine, will you be required to produce documentation proving you are vaccinated every time you go to a sporting event ?

    Will anyone have any money to attend a sporting event, other than government workers whose paychecks never stopped ?

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    1. All really smart questions, karma. [Now, I have to adjust to the idea of you being the most rational guy on the board today]….

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  5. I have seen snowflakes tougher than Larry Scott. he makes Garrett look like a tough guy. These pansy waist no good for anythings need to leave with their head betwen their tails. Scott should have said the PAC 12 is playing this season

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  6. When reading the headline I was expecting Larry to have said, “We will play anyone, any time, any where! F Covid-19! We’re playing! USC is coming for those Bama pansies! Saban got lucky against Helton the first time, but this is gonna be Helton’s REVENGE! Pac 12 gonna stomp some toothless, inbred SEC Aaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz!”

    But it was really just tame policy talk.

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  7. The only way we progress to practical solutions on this is if the Federal govt says we arent giving out any more money. Forces every state, local, and individuals to start making the difficult choices that are necessary at this point.


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