Alabama Is Pro-Active; The Pac-12 Is Not

Has anyone complained that Alabama is talking to TCU about replacing USC?

It’s really no different than the Pac-12 talking about dropping Alabama and Notre Dame off USC’s schedule, right?

It’s survival of the fittest time thanks to the pandemic.

And I’m Alabama, the last thing I do is wait to hear from USC if the Trojans will be coming to Texas.

There’s a reason Greg Bryne is considered one of the best athletic directors in the country. He is being pro-active. He worked at Arizona. He knows the Pac-12 likes to lead from behind. So he spoke is looking for a safety net.

Imagine if he did nothing and then heard Clay Helton blab on Monday that the Pac-12 might play a conference-only schedule. Maybe Mike Bohn told him that already. But maybe he didn’t.

21 thoughts on “Alabama Is Pro-Active; The Pac-12 Is Not

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    1. We should move to WISC:

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      1. I would say that on this basis, we should forbid driving cars, flying in planes, and the “too many to list other activities” that have a death rate of over 1 in a million..could you imagine what it would be like if we just protected those that need it (those over 67 w/ underlying conditions) and those over 70. Have you seen the distribution by age and health of those who’ve past. Don’t let the political spin fool you, there are real numbers out there you can see for yourself. And don’t you think it’s funny when they try to scare us by talking about the huge influx of those infected but always forget to tell you that they are testing 1000’s more daily (in each county) than they were previously. But the infection rate is still stable…hmmm, almost sounds like there’s an election coming up and they WANT to ruin the economy. JMHO

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      2. Appreciate the civil response, Pudly, my friend. Always classy. I wish that I, we could have more civil discourse and work out our disagreements in a more dignified manner. I would be an idiot if I didn’t take your words with the amount of seriousness that they deserve. One thing that we can all agree on is that we hope that everyone is getting better and that the less people get infected and die.


    2. Nothing lies like lies and damn statistics. If there is a herd infection situation, as some models are predicting, where 2 out of 3 catch this “beer” virus, then the above statistics are meaningless. And now children are catching some corollary effects of CoVid19 and dying.

      That said, the U.S. cannot continue being locked down. It is time to realize we will not completely eradicate this disease, so we have to learn to live with it. Wearing an N-95, and not a worthless mask, would be a good start.


      1. Out of the entire US population 5 kids have died. All in NY. Hmmm yeah, nothing lies like one afraid of facts.
        What’s “your” truth of the day based on? Editorial much?


      2. Like

  2. Yes, this is the striking feature of the virus. It hits older people, and in particular those with comorbidities. There are some rare issues hitting young people regarding strokes after infection, but they seem to be rare.

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    1. Well Mr. Elon Musk just called the bluff of an asst Alameda County public health official & Alameda County just blinked. They talked tuff, Musk talked tougher & the County Cow & her little cows walked away from the table.

      Robert Ringer refers to the Musk move as ‘The Famous Robt Ringer Briefcase Address’. Slam your briefcase shut & head for the door. 90% of the time the other party will change their mind before you get to the door.

      This whole quagmire is a 90%+ DEMOCRATIC power play. It is going to backfire in ways that the demrats can’t even fathom. The longer the rats try to drag it out, the deeper they will dig their grave. People I know are starting to seeth with contempt for the heavy handed, goal post moving behaviour.


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      1. Cal 75, are you sure you went to Berkeley? Your politics just don’t seem to fit. Not a bad thing, just curious. Refreshing to see actually.


      2. You dimwit supposedly Berkley person. Get off this blog now and
        converse with other Cal assholes on the losing side of the aisle.


      3. S
        Promise me you won’t reproduce. God help us if you already have.
        Now back to your cardboard box.


      4. kenwible and CAL75,

        I know two other CAL people that think like CAL 75, the correct way. Keep up the good work CAL 75.

        To S:,
        Cal 75 has been here longer than you. Maybe you should go back years and read the blogs that he has written. He has been very polite and considerate on the board. he has not bad mouthed SC once. Please show the proper respect that everyone is due. Thank you.


  3. SC should be so happy. They don’t have to get embarrassed by Bama again. Plus, SC hasn’t really been trying to seriously compete with Notre Dame for past 6 or so years. Now they can finally end that rivalry while keeping their beloved, nice guy coach. Now, if they can figure out how to avoid playing Oregon they’d really be in business!


  4. This is the problem! USC fans and alumni love football! USC administration does not. They like star wars and research, nothing wrong with that but we as traditionalist football fans suffer. I do not support O.J. but he did make a great point, his generation would have been chopping at the bit to play these Alabama boys. The problem is Clay has made this program soft and undesirable. yeah recruits are singing USC praises now but what happens if we do play Bama and get dragged? lose to Oregon and Utah? will the commits stay? we know they will not. Even if the commits come to USC will they be developed? prior classes were not developed under Clay Helton.


    1. USC Fan Boy, are you a betting man? Because I sure smell a bet.

      On another subject that is totally of topic and more important to me, why don’t I get emails anymore notifying me of posts?


  5. If USC has a chance to play Alabama and weasels out of it for some needless reason, I will know for sure that Helton/Bohn are in cahoots to take this once proud program down. IMHO
    The real SC would play anybody anywhere period.


    1. KW,
      I didn’t go to Berkeley. I went to CAL. Berkeley is a city. Berkeley’s existance is solely attributable to CAL, not the other way around. The politics & demeanor of the city is not the same as the university. I suppose the closest analogy I could use would be don’t get confused by comparing the area adjacent to SC with the school itself.

      A lot of people get CAL & Berkeley confused. Please don’t.

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      1. CAL75,

        I enjoy reading your writings. Keep up the good work. You are correct. CAL was first, then Berkley.

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