What About Those Rams Uniforms?

The Rams have an iconic uniform, worn for many years, that was one of the best in the NFL.

So why don’t they wear it?

Instead, they unveiled these lame uniforms today. What are your thoughts?

21 thoughts on “What About Those Rams Uniforms?

      1. Hey I smoke for my pain. You don’t have to be smoking to be blamed for the lambs lame ass uniforms. Those uniforms suck. They Look like high school uniforms to me. Another money grab by another sports team. This one just happens to be in our own back yard. We lost money because of chicom flu lets change uniforms so fans buy new gear. You notice how many teams changed uniforms already? Lol this just in as Im typing the legendary ED, E. Dickerson just chimed in on ESPN updates. “The new uniforms make the Rams look soft”

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      2. Some smoke out of need, some for an escape… me I’m like the Nike ad.

        I “just do it”


  1. Fashion in college and pro sports is dumb.

    The only good uniform is one that is torn, tattered and with mud and/or grass stains and a helmet with stick marks everywhere. If it’s not like that at the end of a game than why bother even wearing the uni?



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    1. Hey Marviena remember those soft ass all white uniforms that UCLA wore? The night they got a 50-0 beat down by the Trojans in the Coli by lame lame & Co? Sometimes uniforms do matter or was that Rick Neauhisel problem?


      1. TrojanBoogs,

        The white unis were appropriate because, like a bride who wears white on her wedding day, the Trojans made UCLA their b**** and had her way with her all night.








    1. Brings back memories of Greg Pruitt. He wore that tear away like nobody else. In fact, I believe that the tear away was banned because of him.

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  2. No need to change. They had an iconic uniform and logo. This looks too Art Deco and too much like the Chargers. If that’s what they want, then I guess Demoff is right and most ppl wrong.

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  3. Don’t give a rat’s ass. This is a USC site, not Rams. Don’t care about the Lakers or the Dodgers either, especially since they turned their backs on their fans and shut out more than half of the So Cal TV market.


  4. All they need now is for Ringling Bros. to buy the naming right to their stadium because they look like a bunch of clowns


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