USC Morning Buzz: “Clay Helton . . . Going To Run Over Badly”

Paul Finebaum has been talking USC a lot the past week and he said what a lot of you think:

“Quite frankly I don’t think Clay Helton wants to play that game anyway because he’s going to get run over badly,” Finebaum said.

USC can argue this is false. But what does it say about a coach when so many believe this is the case?

  • The Athletic ran a lengthy piece on Mike Bohn’s right-hand man/leaker-in-chief, Brandon Sosna (subscription required). “Sosna started to explore the AAU basketball scene and decided he wanted to run a spring league team. He recruited about half of the roster from Sycamore High School, where he attended, and started coaching them himself. At age 16.”

I suspect Petros Papadakis will discuss this on his show.

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: “Clay Helton . . . Going To Run Over Badly”

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      1. Yes…

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      2. $60K+ for classes that will in all likelihood be conducted online.


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      1. Look at the Title IX directory, GT22, looks like a no males included club. I am far from being sexist, but….come on.
        I wonder what the budget for this department is on its’ own.

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      2. gt –Maybe it’s time for USC to review their priorities…..

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  2. Another interesting analogy…

    Why aren’t we taking better care of the truly vulnerable (if we really care) rather than holding the country hostage. I wonder, had this not been an election yr, would we be on the same path?

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    1. “Shhhhhhhhh”, says Helton. “STFU, man. I’ve almost succeeded in dodging Alabama and Notre Dame thereby protecting my $3.5 million+ salary that these fools pay me for at least one more season. Don’t mess it up for me by spewing your facts, bro!”

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    2. Yes we would. What does an election year have to do with anything? You think this response is all just to harm the Clown in Chief. Well he’s the one who gave in to shutting down the country when faced with scientific facts. And had he NOT done so, he would have guaranteed getting booted from office in November because he didn’t lift a finger to stop the staggering healthcare crisis that would have unfolded. Instead of 87K dead and 1.4M infected over a two month period, it would exponentially higher, hospitals/medical care would collapse under the crush of patients and lack of PPE, and many industries would STILL have to shutdown due to a sickened workforce.

      Thank God that (mostly) smart and rational governors are filling the leadership void left by your hero Donald J. Chump.

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      1. Let me see…oh yeah you putrid fool, I do think there is much electioneering going on, but as always when it comes to numbers there are many spins but only one truth…
        “ Likewise, the 13 per 100,000 IFR among the states population at large is a tiny rounding error compared to the state’s normal annual mortality rate of 870 per 100,000.
        That’s right. In response to a death factor equal to just 1.5% of normal mortalities, the governor has essentially incarcerated the state’s economy and thrown away the key.
        But this is surely the Demagoguery of Death gone haywire. After all, every year in the state of Illinois, there are more than 110,000 deaths with fatality rates per 100,000 as follows:
        Heart disease: 203;
        Cancer: 188;
        Accidents: 47;
        Strokes: 46;
        Lower respiratory: 45;
        Alzheimer: 32;
        Diabetes: 23;
        Kidney diseases: 21;
        Influenza/pneumonia: 20;
        COVID-19: 13

        Suck eggs assbite. 💋


      2. “Heart disease: 203;
        Cancer: 188;
        Accidents: 47;
        Strokes: 46;
        Lower respiratory: 45;
        Alzheimer: 32;
        Diabetes: 23;
        Kidney diseases: 21;”

        What do these all have in common? They are not communicable diseases. And you fail to take into consideration two things: The COVID-19 rate quoted is the mitigated rate due to social distancing, and it’s not a yearly rate. We’ve only been at this four months. Let’s reopen the country prematurely and you’ll see that rate rise quickly, along with the non-COVID rates for people who died unnecessarily when they couldn’t get access to healthcare because the healthcare system was overloaded. So instead of managing a crisis let’s instead just let millions MORE people die than they do on average. Just like some third-world country.

        Here’s a dozen more for you, assclown.


  3. Helton afraid to play Alabama? Please! Coach Helton starts the day with the Bible — so obviously he’s not afraid of anything or anyone. The ONLY reason he wants out of the Alabama game is to protect Alabama players from DEATH. Scientists are now predicting that the exact date of the USC/Alabama game will represent the height of covid 19 lethality. Anyone outside playing football on that day will have a 100% chance of dying. It is safer, therefore, for USC AND Alabama to start their seasons the week AFTER their scheduled opener ….

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      1. Ha! [I’ve heard rumors that if they play & he loses by 45 points or so —- like last time —Bohn is gonna make him walk around campus without his baseball cap—so all the co-eds can get a good laugh]…..

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      2. He’s afraid to get embarrassed, Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️ You don’t need a uniform for that, Dumb Ass! 😂😂


      1. 😂😂😂😂. Without exaggerating, Clay Helton really does look like a Dumb Ass with his hat off. He actually looks mentally disturbed, as if somethings wrong with him.


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