The USC Super Fan Speaks!

Regarding the tweet below:

The optimist view: He is often wrong (He wanted Clay Helton fired and named national coach of year in 2016).

The cynical view: If he is right, USC will do nothing but produce hype videos for next 10 months.

13 thoughts on “The USC Super Fan Speaks!

  1. Helton is nowhere near the same dimensions as Show Cause Chip Kelly, but Helton is catching up.

    I have a feeling this will be a photo we see frequently in the future.


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      1. Spring football just sounds like a non-starter. Only the Pac-12? Competing against NBA, MLB, March madness,…

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      2. Guys –there is one big bright spot to the proposed Pac 12 “spring football schedule” —we’ll get to hear Coach butt-wipe describe how PROUD he is of the governor, the legislature, Larry Scott, USC administrators, etc., etc….

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      1. La verdad,

        I used to bag on Scooter just as much as anyone else. But lately the Scooter has been tough on Helton, Folt, Bohn, and SC. He has been objective through the most part. I am enjoying and respecting Scooter alot more. That is my opinion.

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  2. The Pac – 12 having their season in the spring doesn’t work if a part of the country plays in the fall.

    What happens to the NFL Draft if, say the Pac-12 (and maybe one other conference), plays in the spring. All the Pac – 12 players will have an advantage because they will be fresh in the minds of NFL scouts who have seen them play recently. That will leave the other conferences who played in the fall to say “not fair.”

    It also muddles the championship picture. Say USC runs the Pac-12 and goes undefeated. If another team out east does the same, do you match them up for a title game in May? That would seem to unfairly benefit USC/Pac – 12 because they would have the advantage to be currently playing. An undefeated ACC or SEC team couldn’t play the Pac – 12 team because if they played in the fall 2020 it would be too much to reassemble the team for a “title game” in the spring after a five month layoff.



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    1. You’re not a boxing fan, marvienna. We’re used to multiple champs in every division. Of course, if the number of champs grows too large, nobody takes any of them seriously —but that’s the fun of it. Looks like the Pac 12 is headed in that direction….

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      1. Multiple champs is fun in boxing but it has the potential to just rub the people the wrong way in CFB.



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  3. Just saw the “Take Back the West” hype vid… yawn. Nothing new, nothing original. Same ol’ Snoop track, same ol’ Hollywood sign shot. If there’s a kid out there naive enough to beleive that this dirty, selfish, no soul city is gonna stop, drop, and roll over the exploits of a middling “once was” football team, you gotta wonder about the kids grasp on reality. If some adult buys into the same you gotta wonder about their grasp on sanity. Sad that we used to lead, now we’re copycats… and shitty ones at that. Even sadder is some will view taking back the west as some sort of achievement. If you’re gonna take back anything why not set your sights on taking back the nation? Oh that’s right, we’re now cool with Helton-sized achievements… win the p12 south, win a good majority of your home games, merely appear in some half-assed bowl game, etc, etc…

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    1. Blame that on Larry Scott, Newsome, and Garrectti. They are all cut from the same cloth. They are total dictators, tyrants, and panzy waist in which snow flakes look like Patton compared to them.


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