TCU Responds To Possible Alabama Game

TCU has responded to Paul Finebaum‘s report this morning that if USC backs out of the Alabama game, the Horned Frogs will replace the Trojans

“We are preparing to play Cal in Week 1,” TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati told the Star-Telegram. “If we determine at some point that we cannot do so, we’ll look at other options.”

Donati did not deny Finebaum’s report and did not exactly pour cold water on the idea of playing Alabama.

What has better odds right now?

USC v. Alabama

TCU v. Alabama

Donati told the Star-Telegram that a decision on what do to about the opponent for that Week 1 contest needs to be made by July 1.

11 thoughts on “TCU Responds To Possible Alabama Game

  1. In my humble opinion Bohn will do what ever he thinks necessary to get out of the Alabama game. I think he will do this to save Helton’s ass, as I think the two have become buddies. So much for professionalism.

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  2. USC has been angling to get out of this game for a month now! Why? So they don’t have to put up with our I told you so’s after a real coach smashes them and Bohn finally realizes bravado and hype videos won’t change practice and preparation.

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  3. CBS Sports has predicted CAL to be 11-1, winning the North & playing SC for the PAC-12 Championship.
    It’s no wonder TCU will do anything to get out of the first game against the hippies.



    1. CalSeventyFive,

      You are dead wrong my friend. You graduating from Cal can be so off course. My friend, CAL will go 12-0, take league, and destroy Oklahoma in the final game for the championship. See, it is getting brighter for CAL.


  4. Mike Bohn, and Clay Helton would both look like gutless cowherds if they don’t play the game against Alabama. All the spin in the world, would not make people think otherwise. The only fans who would buy into their bullshit, are the ones who are satisfied with a winning record, as oppose to a national championship.

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  5. SEC: Commissioner Greg Sankey said this on Finebaum today: “The notion that one thinks one conference is going to go off and doing something independently isn’t attached to reality.”


  6. Breaking! President Carol Folt announced today that USC was cancelling men’s Division I football program to be replaced by women’s flag football which will be played this coming year under C-19 rules of wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart from opposing players. The team will be playing in the Cannabis Bowl on January 1 in San Francisco to an empty stadium.


    1. I blame that worthless Pac 12 Commissioner Scott on this. That no good Garcetti wanna be. Garcetti and Scott have the same problem, they have no backbone, pansy waist, idiots, who make snowflakes look like Patton. This bum Scott needs this game as well as the Cal game against TCU and all other non-conference games to pull the PAC 12 out of their dismal soft way of being looked at by the country. Scoot needs to demand that all Pac 12 teams play their schedule. That no good panzy waist leech.


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