Report: Alabama Talking To TCU As Replacement For USC

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum said Alabama is already making preparations for replacing USC if the Trojans back out of their Sept. 5 game in Arlington, Texas.

“Alabama plays Southern Cal in the first game of the season at Jerry’s World, there’s already talk going on between Alabama and TCU about meeting instead of the other two because TCU plays at Berkeley and the California schools, they do not believe, will be available for that date,” Finebaum said.

Well, that makes perfect sense. Cal plays TCU on Sept. 5. So TCU would simply play Alabama in Texas and make more money.

I always hear from people at USC that Clay Helton is the luckiest man in the world. No Alabama. Maybe no Notre Dame. But Oregon State, Washington State and the rest of the Pac-12.

11 thoughts on “Report: Alabama Talking To TCU As Replacement For USC

  1. awww, … this will be a terrible setback for that new video duo, who i’m sure was looking forward to putting together a strong highlight reel of meaningless moments scored to rap music.

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    1. Ha! [Alabama game highlight reel: USC being flagged for interference but flag picked up by refs cuz ball was tipped before contact, USC getting 3 points when ball bounces off left and, then, right upright….before going through, Helton being patted on shoulder after game by Saban]…

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      1. I guess the hype videos will start a week ahead of what I anticipated, because they had to work around the Alabama game, so it wouldn’t appear to be a series of comedy shows .

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      2. w.texasmike — How do you think the 2020 team feels when they hear Helton talking like a big pussy about THEIR 2020 schedule?

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      3. i’d like to think there’d be an uprising among the players, mike. but, maybe rap videos and gaudy, but empty, passing stats will keep the kids happy.

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  2. If CH is hurting financially since taking a pay cut he might be a natural for the role of “joker” in the new Batman movie.


  3. Since we’re starting rumors I like my new rumor; USC is in discussions with Cal State LA to use their football field for home games. There is limited seating, so rich immune alumni can see it live. One side of the field has no seating and green screens can be added so that a crowd can be inserted into a telecast much the same as the weather report on the news.
    The only draw back is a team wearing green will bleed crowd insert into the uniform.
    I can’t wait to see it.
    That’s my rumor and I’m sticking to it (until someone comes up with a better one)

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  4. Well if USC and Clay Helton are going to run and hide from Alabama and only play on the West Coast then anything less than an undefeated season is unacceptable. Losing to anyone in the pac 12 is a fireable offense. He got his “resources” and “support”. I bet we still look like a flag football team out on the field. Video hype boys can’t fix that.

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