USC Morning Buzz: Take Back The West By Only Playing In West?

Remember when I said Alabama might find another team to play if the Pac-12 doesn’t approve playing in Texas in September?

Well, Clay Helton and David Shaw confirmed this scenario Monday when they said the Pac-12 is considering an 11-game conference schedule this season.

“That is one of the structures under discussion, depending on where we are at six-to-eight weeks from now,” Helton said. “Those are viable discussions, and it has been brought up in our meetings.”

I can almost see a smile on Helton’s face. A schedule with only games against the most mediocre Power 5 Conference teams? Sign me up Coach (Bohn)!

USC wants to take back the West? By playing only teams in the West? It makes it a lot easier to get to a College Football Playoff, that’s for sure. And Oregon can play Ohio State at a later season.

It would all be done under the auspices of the Pac-12’s coronavirus concerns to make it official.

Safety is obviously the main priority. But can you imagine the SEC vs. the Pac-12 in a public-relations battle over whether the Alabama-USC game should be played? And then a stumblebum like Helton tries to explain it?

The Pac-12 better hire someone slick to be its spokesperson because it won’t stand a chance with Larry Scott, Helton or Carol Folt as its spin doctors.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Take Back The West By Only Playing In West?

  1. Please, it’s not like USC is backing down. I’d love to get the Litmus Test that Bama provides, but I’d also rather push that game out when we actually have a chance to win.

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    1. Please. USC is backing down. Alabama isn’t having such discussion. For them the USC game isn’t an option. They’ll play USC any time, anywhere, under any conditions.

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  2. If it’s Tuesday, it’s joke-telling time…

    Gomer, Bohn, Folt, and Pudly all walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “Get the f##k out of here.”

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  3. Of all of USC’s non – conference games for 2020, I’m more curious what happens with the ND game than with the Bama game.

    I’m a traditionalist and want to see that game continue.


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    1. marvienna —check out the statement Mike Bohn released today: “Alabama didn’t represent enough of a challenge to justify flying to Texas— Coach Helton ranked them 13th last season …. and they’re a lot weaker this season —as for Notre Dame, this rivalry is being nostalgically overblown …. the simple truth is: it was never THAT big a deal.”

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      1. That sounds like something that Carol Folt would tell Bohn to say.

        Maybe she doesn’t want the ND game this year because there won’t be enough male bottoms for her to check out during the game.


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  4. Helton is not a competitive guy. He wants no part of that Alabama game. In fact, I’d wager to say that he really hopes the whole season will get cancelled. It will be another year of making millions while having complete job security.

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  5. Finebaum on ESPN this morning stated Alabama is talking with TCU about playing in September. Makes sense as TCU has game against CAL.

    Looks like a very strong possibility.


  6. Clay Helton better hope USC cancels the Oregon, Arizona State, Utah, Notre Dame, and Washington games too, because those are potential loses that will probably happen


    1. USC Fan Boy,

      Don’t forget the oregon st., wash. st., cal, arizona, and colorado games. The only game Helton will play is ugly.


  7. This thing has gotten outa hand in a big way. When the shutdown started it was two weeks just 14 days everyone stay home and it will go away. Low and behold the government saw the power they wielded and it was good.
    Two months later the government still has us cowering in our homes waiting for someone to give the all clear.
    Think man! If I didn’t have the virus after 14 days at home how am I going to spread it? This generation of sheep scares me. They believe the government is here to protect and serve. Officer friendly only wears the baton to lead parades and all education will be free.
    These kids are simpering in their closet saying, “don’t protest the virus will get you.”
    Oh and I think the Bama game should be played.

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    1. “Think man! If I didn’t have the virus after 14 days at home how am I going to spread it?” You’ll get it by being exposed to other “sheep,” some of whom have actually have it. That’s the way viruses spread. Then when you have it–and you probably won’t even know you have it–you’ll spread it to others. And so on, and so on, and so on. Now the hospitals are overwhelmed and many more people are dying. But go on ignoring experts and vote for Trump again in November. Hail to the Clown!

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  8. Couple other parties probably rooting for a Covad cancellation against Bama:
    1. The two new video dudes. Hard to make a decent hype piece from beat-down if you’re the one being beat down (or being juiceless).
    2. Nike. With the pandemic and all, I can’t imagine their R&D dept has had enough time to develop a fabric to hide/hold clay’s manboobs from jiggling about in that late summer Texas heat n humidity as El Jefe Helton flits about.


  9. If the Pac-12 only plays conference games, and one team (possibly even USC!) goes undefeated, it will be a real slap in the face when they STILL get left out of the College Football Playoff.


  10. I can’t believe Bohn head said that, re Notre Dame “it was never that big a deal”.
    That statement will piss off a lot of people, including me. It is a very big deal and nostalgia is important, if nothing else it bonds the fans and creates camaraderie.
    Also I would think helps sell tickets. This guy obviously has not, as yet, gotten
    what USC football is all about. I hope he does; but not looking too good right now.


  11. Just face the reality and cancel the season. Why put any players or others at risk. Add another year of school to all the players. We are far from this pandemic fully playing out yet.

    Look at the bright side. Next season would be Helton’s last for sure.


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