Do You Think Alabama Will Wait To Play USC?

I don’t know when the college football season will start other than it will start late.

But I keep thinking Alabama is going to play one way or another, whether USC agrees to play at the same time.

Already, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said he is aiming for football to start in September.

“If there’s a couple of programs that aren’t able, does that stop everyone? I’m not sure it does,” Sankey said.

Alabama will want to play. It’s fans will want to play. The SEC will probably try to do it own things.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they go find another team if Pac-12 teams are unable to play because of coronavirus concerns.

But USC will probably want to make sure medical experts believe it is OK to play.

You know who wins, of course, if the game is canceled: Clay Helton.

11 thoughts on “Do You Think Alabama Will Wait To Play USC?

  1. If the protesters win out and everybody goes back to normal living, just about everybody will get the virus, and with herd immunity in place we should be able to start practicing for Alabama in early August.

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  2. All remaining questions (if there are any) about the size of Helton’s balls will be answered if he evades the Alabama game over his coronavirus “concerns”……

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      1. Helton: “The players will just be so much safer from viruses once we get past September 1st….”


  3. I’m not a doctor, hell I’m barely a music teacher these days, but I really think this whole stay at home stuff isn’t as real as they want us to believe. Every morning I walk out on my lawn and retrieve the paper. Why haven’t the clamps closed on home delivery? I hope the paper carrier is well, or does the act of tossing a rolled up newspaper kill the virus..
    How about this. They say the virus lives for days on surfaces. But if you go one day past this life expectancy would the virus still have a chance? So here is a virus sitting on the grocery shelf barely alive and grab a can of high fat bacon and beans, which will kill me first ? Now I have a half dead virus jogging toward my eye because they itch every time I buy beans. Bam I get the half dead virus. Isn’t that the same as a vaccine? We have herd immunity we just won’t be told until whatever goal the politicos have in mind. Then we can see football again. I am guessing some time in the second week of November.

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    1. You music man are an idiot. You don’t deserve to use the name Truman.
      Hopefully are teaching in some hick town far away from Southern


  4. I really hope SC gets to dodge having to play Alabama again. The Trojans have zero shot to keep that game at a respectable score.


  5. Since there is no real history taught or allowed, the only perspective today is from the socialists running the schools ,the media, their Dr’s cranked out by those schools. Some have pointed out the truth and are ignored by those in charge as people hide out to force the unemployment rate to 20% as 30 million lose their job in 5 weeks. Where were the closings during any virus? I was in elementary school in early 50’s, when the polio virus swept the country with a 25% death rate,kids and adults in iron lungs and a almost 100% crippling rate…no shut downs. Never ever any shut downs until now , and how about the 1.5 million killed in auto crashes, and maimed and disabled…well??? sell your car you are deadly in it ,or dead. People knew not to go to work sick,or send kids to school sick, and not getting in someones personal space was just good manners.
    SC will show itself under hellton for the coward he is and scapegoat with a virus that has been blown out of proportion to ruin this country for the coming elections…stupid is as stupid does.

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