Morning Buzz: USC Snubbed By BCS

Have you been following the exploits of Gus “Duggs” Duggerton, USC’s new offensive coordinator from Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take.

Coach Duggs was undefeated until an upset loss to UCLA on Friday afternoon and then beat Stanford, 50-43, in the Pac-12 championship game Friday night.

The outrage occurred when USC finished No. 3 in the BCS rankings and got excluded from the BCS title game. Instead, South Carolina went from No. 9 to No. 2 to leapfrog the Trojans.

Duggs will face Michigan State in the Rose Bowl. Maybe he is the reason for USC’s resurgence in recruiting.

  • Way back on April 15, I said Clay Helton and Andy Enfield were taking pay cuts: “Sooner or later, Helton is going to take a pay cut. And so is Andy Enfield. The only question is why USC is waiting so long when it likes to act like it is the vanguard in dealing with the pandemic.”

In fact, I was the only voice. Now look at the great publicity USC got on the local news last night. They should listen more often:

14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Snubbed By BCS

  1. Hooray for Wolfyhood! He’s great, he’s grand, he’s Wolfyhood! And, when you need a scoop, he’s Wolfyhood, so timely, brave and slick, he’s Wolfyhood! So, get off his case, and cheer and shout, he’s on the job, thank God for Wolfyhood!


    1. Well, he’s bad, bad Wolfyman! Baddest man in the whole “blessed” town!
      Badder than old King Kong!
      Meaner than a junkyard dog!

      This is what you call….a one man band….


    2. Folks always usin’ the term, “alpha male”, or “alpha female”, etc etc etc….when, in fact, there is only one Alpha, and Omega, by the way. I would suggest to you, STOP 🛑! You may find it here, in the very last chapter of the B-I-B-L-E: Revelation 22:13(chapter and verse)…in red letters, Jesus Himself writes:
      “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”

      Wanna live differently after Corona virus? Here’s where you start and finish: pray to God(one God, the Creator), what you ask, in His Son’s name, Jesus….from here all blessings flow. But, don’t expect it to be easy. You must persevere, and pick up your cross, and bare it. That means, you must profess Jesus as LORD of your life, first…then, talk to Him, walk with Him. along life’s narrow way…God bless you on your journeys…for, I am weak, but He is strong. Get it? I hope so, pray so….


    1. #3 in average quality so far, which is a bigger indicator. Of course some of the big signees are waiting. If Korey Foreman swings our way, we get in on J.T. Tuimoloau we’re looking good for a #1 class in quality.

      And a longer shot, to get Raesjon Davis out of Mater Dei as a flip (please, please, please we can’t have people picking kids for the SEC) we could be a #1 class. Also in the SEC picking up, Brock Bowers as an excellent blocking and catching TE that UGA came into CA to get, I don’t know our TE situation with a couple of Srs who will be going out (Imatorbhebhe, Krommenhoek, Falo), then with Ethan Rae’s knee issues.

      Closer to home, Ceyair Wright (hope I’m remembering the name) is a tall CB kid from right in Los Angeles (Loyola) with incredible athleticism that Donte Williams has been trying to pull from ASU or Oregon.

      If you can possibly call a 5 star QBs a sleeper, that’s what I’m calling Jake Garcia, and the next coach could work wonders with him- he hits tight windows, excellent touch, can zip it, puts the ball where it’s optimal for the receiver, throws on the run, and has a strong arm, makes the right decision so quickly and has excellent character. We can’t keep up this jump ball passing thing, and Garcia is listed as a pro style but he has wheels, and his movement will make any OC look good whatever happens.

      Talent once again will not be a problem at USC. Helton is right when he calls the AD Coach Bohn, because he’s the CEO/HC. Helton is his dumb manager who Bohn has stopped from doing harm. Defensive coaching and special teams I think has improved a lot. But on offense, there has to be a change, improvement: Harrell’s current system could waste another year. Harrell seems like a young Helton, who lucked into something, but has too much ego to grow and adapt. If I was Harrell I’d have taken Norm Chow up on his offer, added some wrinkles and looked like a genius, but I don’t think that’s in Harrell’s character anymore that it’s in Helton’s.

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      1. Really astute observations, Global…but, although I hate to say it, future recruiting largely depends on 2020 results….and 2020 results largely depend on Drevno’s o-line….

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      2. Nah. Stop me when you’re heard this before. People that don’t understand football think that blocking happens with just the OL. No. It’s the TE, the RB, possibly the FB, and it’s scheme, plays you run, and technique (we know it hasn’t been talent).

        Blocking is also largely a numbers game and match up game. You’ll hear coaches say that repeatedly. If a back can’t block or you’re lining up 4 or 5 wide too often, you aren’t going to win the blocking game no matter how well you’re OL blocks.

        Every offense will have WR heavy sets based on some down and distance situations, the scoreboard, etc. because its higher reward but high risk. But if your back can’t block, you lose the numbers game. If you can’t put in a TE that blocks, you lose the numbers game. If your OL and backs don’t ever block for a roll out pass, the QB becomes a predictable target.

        You have to be proficient at lining up in formations to get short yards and first downs consistently on the ground, and you have to be able to have something to sell the play action from.

        An NFL OL can’t block a college OL if that happens too much. Speaking of comparisons, it’s that much worse in CFB where receivers can be roughed up more and a side of the field narrow, and there’s more weak players to find and exploit– it ups the advantage on planting a QB or ball carrier in the backfield turf, That’s why SC gets beat up when they play more physical QBs and more physical defenses, or just well coached defenses. No OL coach can fix a bad offensive system, PERIOD.

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      3. All I know, Global, is a BAD O-Line coach makes things worse….


  2. Okay, Scott —I forgot —you actually DID call Helton’s eventual paycut…

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    1. P. S.
      Scott asks why it took so long to initiate Helton’s pay cut —I wonder if it had anything to do with “Holy Man” Helton’s lawyers spending dozens of hours looking for the surest way to ensure the “cuts” existed on paper only…….


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