Morning Buzz: USC Leading From Behind On This Issue

Here is what I wrote Friday: “Lane Kiffin has donated $20,000 to those struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. Clay Helton? He’s made a few videos.”

Well, with apologies to Yogi Berra, it’s “Déjà vu all over again.”

Here is what happened Tuesday: Helton made another video. Meanwhile, Oregon State athletic director Scott Barnes, football coach Jonathan Smith and men’s basketball coach Wayne Tinkle took 7 percent pay cuts and are donating the money to an Oregon State foundation to mitigate revenue shortfalls caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Wake Forest football coach Dave Clawson also took a 10 percent pay cut on Tuesday.
  • I’m not surprised Helton has avoided a paycut but it does surprise me that I am currently the only one even bringing it up. It’s OK. I was the only one who brought up Lynn Swann constantly playing golf and then it got picked up here and here and here.
  • Sooner or later, Helton is going to take a pay cut. And so is Andy Enfield. The only question is why USC is waiting so long when it likes to act like it is the vanguard in dealing with the pandemic.

35 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Leading From Behind On This Issue

    1. USC will have to shell out atleast double that for Helton’s replacement.

      We’re either in it to win it, or we’re in it to win the profit margin national championship.

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    2. A bunch of smart people are speculating Helton is slow to voluntarily give up a percentage of this year’s big check because he’s worried it MIGHT be his last big check. That’s incorrect. He KNOWS it’s his last big check. He’s already been told. This is his last year. He’s just a placeholder for the guy Bohn has already picked out. He doesn’t give a flying shit what people say about him. He doesn’t give a shit about anything but Clay Helton……


      1. MG- Can we dream of Urban Meyer? After all, it doesn’t sound so far fetched for Meyer to have had second thoughts and asked for at least one more year of R&R to be back to normal health wise.


  1. I don’t blame Clay Helton for not taking a pay cut, because he’ll never see head coaching type of money again, after USC figures out a way to get rid of him.

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  2. If you were pretty sure that either this year or next year was your last enormous paycheck, you probably wouldn’t get rid of it either. I doubt he even gets a position coach position at a division 1A school after SC cans him.

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  3. I am just wondering how SC is handling the financial strain right now. You have the gynelocgist, you havce Folt and her munchkin house, you have helton and enfield, you have other coaches, and renewing of tickets is down. Pretty soon, if things don’t work out right, SC will have a yard sale. They will sell old jerseys and other trinkets.

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      1. Hope it happens, Pudly. An impressive fraction of that money needs to get to students and teaching assistants who are hurting…….

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      2. When you reference “US Govt.”, please substitute “Taxpayers”. We are the ones who are paying for all of this stuff, as always.


      3. Not sure if you’re directing this response towards me or not? But just in the case that you are, “It’s not my tweet.”


  4. Shows me Helton is all about himself.
    We all see it in his poor coaching abilities, now we see what he is made of as a person.

    No doubt he will never see another university foolish enough to overpay someone who was never qualified for the position in the first place.
    Normally, during tough times the highest salaries are cut first in organizations. . Why hasn’t Carol Folt enforced a mandatory pay cut?

    Think about this. When John Mckay was Coaching at USC he lived in a middle class section of West Covina. Clay Helton, Steve Sarkisian, and Lane Kiffin all had palaces in the South Bay right on the beach. No doubt about it the level of success USC Football had under each of those clowns does not match up with the national championship head football coach level salaries they are receiving or have received already. All lived or are still living “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” , and laughing about it at the bank without even performing at the highest level.

    Still don’t understand how Helton, Sarkisian, and Lane Kiffin were so high on the pay scale in college coaching without having strong resumes with proven success. Even more laughable is they all received long term contracts. USC will pay for these mistakes a long time, but this time the fans, and all other loyal supporters will not bail them out as much in the past. Unfortunately, USC now stands for “University of Spoiled Coaches”

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    1. tommyd,
      Folt isn’t messing with people’s contracts. The last thing she wants is more lawsuits. I’m sure she’s asking people to take cuts …and promising a special few she’ll make up lost salary in other ways. IF Helton takes a cut, it’s cuz he’s been assured it will be on paper only.

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  5. It is truly shocking that he remains our coach. Until I watched his two home videos, I didn’t realize how dumb he is and what poor judgment he has. On the one hand, you expect a football coach to traffic in platitudes, but his facility with words and ideas is so shockingly inadequate. It’s correct that he he’s cruising for a hard fall. And unlike Kiffin and some of the others, he will not bounce back anywhere close to the perch that he has now. Hopefully, Helton is at least enjoying his moments in the sun.

    It’s also hard to imagine that keeping him around won’t eventually cause some blowback to Mike Bohn and Carol Folt. While it’s hard to tell whether they had a free hand to act, Helton’s continued presence as coach seriously calls into question their judgment. Listening to Helton speak makes me embarrassed to be an alumnus of USC. I am sure that I am not alone.

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    1. Chris — Here’s an exercise for you. Watch Clay’s latest half- assed video again. Then imagine you’re football player at USC who has to listen to Clay’s phony platitudes ALL season long. The reason USC played the kind of second half football you saw in that clip of the Virginia Tech game is evidenced in the smart & enthusiastic comments of Pete Carroll at halftime. This 2020 team deserves that caliber of coach. The only reason Helton is still around is because he royally played poor dumb Lynn Swann —-telling him it would help recruiting if recruits were sure he’d be USC’s first lifetime-guaranteed coach…..

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  6. It’s over, sports are finished. Would any of you idiots attend games with this coronavirus out there…are you that fucking stupid? Maybe you all should socialize, then its all about…good riddance to you idiots. The college football season ain’t happening


      1. Get a job or wait for your Trump socialism stimulus check…if you’re due one #grocerystoresdeliver


  7. Clay could make a tire go flat. Want to see how you pump folks up to take on a challenge, google “Scott Quinnell Inspirational Team Talk” getting his School of Hard Knocks rugby team right & ready (2:33 sec in length). Warning in advance: it doesn’t contain any “juiceless/useless” nonsense…

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  8. Carol Folt, can’t change a contract. However, if she took a voluntary pay cut, and Clay Helton didn’t what does that tell you? Perhaps, she has already asked him to take a cut, and he and his agent said no. Just shows you who the real Clay Helton is. He often thanks Carol Folt for retaining him yet what is he really giving back to the university in a time of need.

    No way is Clay Helton of high character, and we all know about his ability to coach, and motivate young men in football which is basically 0/

    If I am Carol Folt I remove him from the football program, and give him an administrative job at full salary until the contract runs out. At the very least that will ruin his career in coaching by transferring him out of the USC athletic dept. They did the same thing to Stan Morrison the former basketball coach who then left after a short period of time. The next step is to hire Graham Harrell as the interim head coach and see what happens in the next year with no extra costs to the university. We have nothing to lose the assistants are going to do all the coaching this year anyway.
    After all of this let’s hope there is a season this year.

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    1. Here’s an idea: Carol Folt tells Clay his multi-year contract is going to be honored….but he’s gonna be paid for sitting in a corner facing the wall. To help with recruiting, video is made of the assistants working with the team juxtaposed with video of Clay with his back to the wall (dressed in a very smart Nike workout outfit….. with short pants).

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  9. Somewhere a couple years back during a sham of an interview, Clay was asked what his personal goal was. His reply was that he intended to be USCs coach for the next 15yrs (or something close to), lead men, compete for yada, yada, etc. I remember thinking that everything re: the tone and tenor of his reply made it seem/sound like lengthy employment was his A#1 priority. Well, as it turns out, it was/is his highest priority. He’s that dude who issues soundbytes and statements as if he were prepping case evidence in his defense should anyone think of canning his ass.

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    1. I’ve never heard a coach sound more obsessed with his own welfare than Helton. The “I’ll be here 15 more years… or MORE” remark is not one I’ve ever heard a coach make before or since. It is an extraordinary admission of greed. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that, when Clay expressed the idea to Swann, Lynn said “you know, coach, I think you’ve got something there!”

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      1. Swanny practicing “set it and forget it” management. Good for keeping the schedule free for golf, bad for keeping tabs on paid-for-performance employees.

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  10. Let me say this about that,

    As DULY Elected EL Presidanté of the Pac-11 Clay Helton Fan Club,
    I have a top secret recording taken within the Helton household.

    “Honey, I’m getting heat to agree to a paycut from $165,000 every two weeks to about 10% down to $150,000 every two weeks. Whaddya think?”
    “Darling can you pour me a glass of Moet Chandon? What was that you said?”


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  11. How about all players keep to the standard 6ft apart for social distancing.
    Same goes for all the coaches except for Clay Helton who must be minimum 2 miles apart from the players at Brian Kennedy field, and during games at the Coliseum as a corona virus requirement. Clay Helton, will also be required to wear a full mask at all times made out of dollar bills, and will not be allowed to wear headphones, or in the press box during games.

    Let’s enforce the corona virus restrictions to the max so he will resign, and we won’t have to buy out his contract.


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