Lynn Swann’s Golf Habit Has Gone Viral

Long-time New York sports-talk host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo ripped USC yesterday on his show during a rant on the college admissions scandal.

Money quote: “And then I look at USC, that fraudulent joint, that’s got Lynn Swann playing golf every afternoon.”

This little blog has been stressing the amount of golf played by Swann for months and it’s finally gone viral. The L.A. Times mentioned it in a column a couple weeks ago. And now Russo’s mentioned it.

Pretty good that we all got the East Coast to notice what Swann is up to!

Listen to Russo’s tirade here.


12 thoughts on “Lynn Swann’s Golf Habit Has Gone Viral

  1. Yes, Scott —no question “this little blog” has an influence on the way USC is seen by the larger world….

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  2. Well, hell, if my employer allowed it, I’d be playing golf every day on the job too. Until somebody in Bovard cares, the charade will continue.

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  3. There is no excuse not to clean house in the athletic department. It’s a public disaster. It’s not until the football suffers yet another Helton disaster which will make last year’s attendance fiasco seem mild that something may be done. I hate this, I hate this. I hate this….. wasn’t Hackett and Kiffin enough pain for a program to suffer. The kids deserve better. The fans deserve better. Allow Swan to play golf in retirement….


  4. Swann is a joke but you know nothing makes a Friday evening like a bit of ‘light comedy’…..note the insight re. the ‘candidates’ and cows as well as guilt payments….this is funny!

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