United Airlines Offers To Pull Out Of Coliseum Deal; USC Open To Name Change*

The Associated Press reports United Airlines sent a letter to USC offering to terminate the $69 million naming rights deal after Coliseum Commission pushback this week.

“If USC is not in a position to honor the terms of the agreement, including in particular the name change, United would be amenable to abiding by the wishes of the community, stepping away from this partnership with USC, and mutually terminating the agreement,” United Airlines California President Janet Lamkin wrote in the letter obtained by The Associated Press.

Is this a bluff by United? USC obviously does not want to back out of the deal.

It looks like this story will not go away.

UPDATED: USC responded to the Associated Press that it would be open to “accepting the wishes of the veteran community to modify the proposed naming agreement to United Airlines Field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.” The university said the airline would have to agree and the deal would have to be changed, but it didn’t provide details.

UPDATED II: L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn has issued her own statement.

“I am disappointed that United is unwilling to pursue a compromise and I think veterans across the country will be disappointed as well.”

UPDATED III: This phrase in United’s letter seems to be what Hahn is unhappy about: “If USC is not in a position to honor the terms of the Agreement, including in particular the name change, United would be amenable to abiding by the wishes of the community, stepping away from this partnership with USC…”

So United is all-or-nothing. USC is in a tough spot.

15 thoughts on “United Airlines Offers To Pull Out Of Coliseum Deal; USC Open To Name Change*

    1. Beats the ‘New York Jets’ and/or ‘New York Giants’ that both play across state lines in New Jersey….then there’s the Wandering Warriors who wouldn’t even put a ‘state’ – let alone a city – in the location of their home no – Golden State

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  1. Take their $69 million and let United name a concession stand or all the baby changing tables in the restrooms after themselves.

    Don’t screw over the memory of veterans for a freaking mediocre airline.

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    1. Agree completely. And calling United a mediocre airline is charitable…

      Supervisor Hahn should acknowledge that the city of LA allowed horrendous corruption and fraud to occur there for decades before turning the mess over to USC to be cleaned up.

      The city controller wrote several years ago that “…the chronic and lax oversight and poor state of the Coliseum’s finances are appalling.”

      Why doesn’t Hahn call out her employer for f’ing this thing up every which way, and ask them to make a donation to preserve the name?

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  2. Janice Hann should be sued by the school for inserting her nose in someone’s business. And costing them the money from United Airlines. The university signed a deal to manage the stadium across the street and in so doing removed the LA County and City from their obligation.
    This is just her sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Last night the news paraded out a veteran of Vietnam who insulted by the name change. Nobody bothered to tell him the memorial part of the name referred to soldiers who were involved in a war sixty years before this dude was born. And it was in honor on Angelenos who died not just any person from any war.
    So I don’t care what they call the place I just think this political hack needs to honor the agreement made when SC took control of the stadium and butt out.


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