You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

Lynn Swann sent out a letter encouraging USC fans to attend five sports events on campus Saturday.

“Let’s pack the stands (for USC women’s water polo),” Swann said.

Will Swann be there? Of course not. He is in Virginia today signing autographs for a minimum price of $220 a pop.

Maybe he meant the little people should go to these events while he works for one hour in Virginia and rakes in the cash.

Letter below:


10 thoughts on “You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

    1. No, my friend –not Napoleon the Pig. Napoleon came up with his own material. Swann didn’t even write this letter……


  1. Actually, it may be the best letter Swann has written as AD. It doesn’t sound arrogant, it’s not condescending. It’s almost welcoming. I would consider attending if I wasn’t so f$&king angry at the University right now. Wolf is right, while all this is going on campus, Swann is in Virginia for an autograph show

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    1. Calabasastrojan — can you actually even PICTURE Swann sitting down at the computer to compose this letter? “Uh, do I want to use the word ‘tenacity’ or the word ‘resiliency’? I got it! I’ll use them both! And I’ll accentuate them by writing ‘uniquely trying’ in the previous sentence …….even though I know my friend OWNS hates it when I use adverbs…..”


  2. Usually someone writing a similar communication would include ‘see you there’ and maybe include ‘or be square’…you can tell I am old by that quote,huh? He could have even added,’ and I will be signing autographs for free if you are interested’.

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  3. What’s not to like? Babes bouncing up and down, wearing bathing caps and goggles playing volleyball in the water? Is it on the PAC 12 channel?
    Oh and I wouldn’t cross the street to see Lynn Swann let alone pay for a scrawled autograph which was probably prepared for him on a glory days picture by one of the secretaries who know he cannot read or write.

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    1. You’re getting warm, Steve. Swann CAN read and write….


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