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Did you know 19 percent of USC’s entering freshman class in 2017-18 were legacy admissions?

A “legacy admission” is an applicant whose parents or siblings went to USC. That’s a pretty high figure when you consider USC accepted only 16 percent of its applicants that year.

What we really want to know is how many applicants were related to donors. That’s where the real influence is at USC.

Give the TV show, “The Simpsons” some credit. They predicted Dr. Dre would have a college building.

6 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

  1. The SC legacy enrollment number is small relative to the Ivies. Harvard is 30 percent legacy or more.

    These are all private universities. They admit those whom they think will contribute to enhancing the future value of the institution, whether that is through donations, intellectual contributions, etc.

    Not saying it is good or bad, just that is the name of the game among private universities.


  2. so what?
    I think it is a positive; alumni should want their kids to attend their alma mater and I think it is great the kids have some loyalty and tradition in their lives and the school should feel that way also…so there!!!


  3. So what? If it truly impacts a school it will ‘pan out’

    Beats what bel-air tech was ‘found out’ 20+ years ago with their using donations for admission to a ‘public university’…that great cartoon the LA Times ran of a serpent with the letters ‘ucla’ on its’ skin and hissing ‘It’s who you know that counts!”


  4. As an outsider to the university, I understand that the university needs donors, funding, and an endowment. If that money helps some underprivileged kid attend the school, the money was put to good use. I think the scandal doesnt represent the majority of applicants and those who were caught, will be prosecuted………………………. I hope.

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