Clay Helton Says It May Take Longer For USC To Start Season

Clay Helton was asked by NBC Sports today if the football season will start the same for every school this season.

“We’re all hoping for a 12-game season,” Helton said. “I think all of us understand we’re all in different situations. It may take us a little bit longer (to start).”

Sept. 12 would probably be a good start date in Helton’s eyes, when USC hosts New Mexico.

  • USC will raise tuition 3.5 percent for the 2020-2021 academic year. The change was approved prior to the spread of the coronavirus and is similar to last year’s cost increase.

9 thoughts on “Clay Helton Says It May Take Longer For USC To Start Season

  1. Horse puckey, just get prepared for Sept 5, 2020. That will be your litmus test to see if you are head coach material. My money is on that you will be like a deer in the headlights and you will be run over. After that I hope you get fired and let Harrell be the interm coach for the rest of the season.

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  2. If this is true, and I’m not implying it’s not, why haven’t they tried this in the supermarket or Dr’s office or perhaps Walmart or Home Depot?


      1. Important that we not make light of this, Pudly. Everyone in that experiment is now dead…..

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  3. Is it just me, or has anybody else notice that Clay Helton doesn’t even acknowledge the, Alabama game whenever he’s interviewed? 😂

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    1. Why should he acknowledge it, Fan Boy, when he is one of 3 people who KNOWS it’s no longer on the schedule?

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