USC Agrees To Home-And-Home With Ole Miss

USC and Ole Miss have scheduled a home-and-home series for 2025 and 2026.

Everyone has been clamoring for USC to play an SEC school. Now this is one of the worst SEC teams but it’s an SEC team. Just remember Cal played Ole Miss last season.

Lane Kiffin would be in his sixth season at Ole Miss if he manages to stick around that long. What are the odds?

Here’s how the non-conference schedules look down the road:

2020: Alabama (neutral), New Mexico, Notre Dame

2021: San Jose State, @ Notre Dame, BYU

2022: Rice, Fresno State, Notre Dame

2023: Nevada, @ Notre Dame, BYU

2024: San Jose State, Notre Dame

2025: Ole Miss, @ Notre Dame

2026: Fresno State, @ Ole Miss, Notre Dame

2028: Fresno State


9 thoughts on “USC Agrees To Home-And-Home With Ole Miss

  1. This is what a dumb fuck said-> You think lane is interested in living in Starksville that long? After working in the Bay Area, LA and south fla? I’m thinking he’s three and done, if he has any success. Heck, it’s not like lane spent years at rocky top..😂😂😂 Since Jack-Pudly76 posted his wife’s picture as his profile photo, the old fart has become delusional 😂


  2. What is with all the games against Fresno St and San Jose St? Those games are fillers just in case you can’t fine anyone. In the hey day, SC played better competition. I guess SC realizes it has Helton so to look good SC has to play at a lower level. Horrible.

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  3. Say what you will about Lane Kiffin, the guy can market, sell, and recruit (He used the NFL. draft to insult USC, grab their attention, and now sign a home and away with them) He will soon be trying to raid California’s fertile recruiting land. Here’s hoping that SC clobbers it’s ex-coach when the Rebels visit LA and that he is “tarmaced” before heading back to Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ooolleeee, Ole Mississippaaayyyy (couldn’t find the Spanish accent for Ole)

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  4. The queen of twitter, Pudly Dumb Fuck will be along shortly, she is desperately scouring twitter like the 12 year old girl she is…looking for stupid content to cut, copy, paste and post.



  5. Here is the song Pudly Dumb Fuck plays as he’s waiting to give clay helton his massage rub downs before and after practices and games…



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