Lane Kiffin Reacts To USC Game

Here is what Lane Kiffin said today regarding the USC-Ole Miss series.

“USC will always be a special place to my family and me, and we were excited to finalize this series,” Kiffin said. “This will showcase two of college football’s greatest game days, and we look forward to this meeting down the road.”

I remember Kiffin was pretty fired up outside the locker room after Alabama destroyed USC in 2016. Maybe he won’t care as much in five years, if he beats USC. But something tells me Kiffin will love it. And will have some tasty tweets about it.

29 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Reacts To USC Game

    1. Scott believes in the wisdom of Dick Tracy: “The friends of my enemies, the enemies of my enemies —they’re all my enemies.”

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    2. That’s because you’re a fucking idiot. And for the record, you are just as much in love with kiffin still, as you are with the other fucking 3rd rate moron clay helton.



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  1. Hmmm, more FB news…

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  2. Lane is a great Rah Rah guy but he lacks substance. My guess he will not be there by time we play Ole Miss because he will either be in a better University or his antics will have worn thin at Ole Miss and he will be fired. Those Southern folks do not suffer fools very long. Unless that fool of course produces championships.

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  3. Really, who cares how fired up he will be? He should be fired up for every game he plays. That’s the culture he should be instilling in his team and worry about USC when he plays USC. Every coach should be this way if he or she wants to be successful. Always compete. Everyday. Fight the fight.

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      1. Shades are sunglasses, Pudly Dumb Fuck.




    1. I think of walking away from a post practice presser in tears when Scott asked a question. Of knocking a player down on the sidelines at Tennessee. Of bad mouthing Raider management while he was still coach. Of doing an Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” impersonation of obliviousness when asked about the weight of the footballs his QB was throwing during the Oregon game.

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      1. MG:
        Years ago you gave LK the ultimate moniker (and improved upon our collective vocabulary).



  4. If Lane gets cheeky before the game there are things to send to him on Twitter to put him in his place. There are still a few things that can put the fear of God into Monte’s son.




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    1. marvienna — please add…


  5. Clay Helton after another losing season in 2020:

    “The virus really threw the team off the rails. It is a young team. They will get it together next year.”


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