Will USC And Lane Kiffin Spar For Six Years?

I know USC has expanded its social/digital media team, but it better be careful if it really wants to take on Lane Kiffin, who likes twitter wars and will pounce if poked.

  • Notre Dame announced its fall semester will begin Aug. 10, two weeks earlier than scheduled. It will cancel its fall break in October and end the semester before Thanksgiving.

That means it would practice for the USC game without classes in progress. Unless Clay Helton gets the game canceled.

5 thoughts on “Will USC And Lane Kiffin Spar For Six Years?

  1. Flashback 2010

    USC hired J.K. McKay to be Lane Kiffin’s “Babysitter”

    J.K. McKay says he is not George Orwell, this is not 1984, and he is not Big Brother watching over Lane Kiffin. 

    “That’s not how I see it,” McKay says, “and not how Lane sees it, either.” 

    “Yes, Lane has been something of a lightning rod,” McKay says. “My job is to keep him off ‘SportsCenter.’ We’ll look up at the TV screen at that little scrawl across the bottom and I’ll say, ‘See, you’re not there. Way to go.'” 

    It was barely a month ago that McKay picked up the phone in his Century City law office. On the other end was his lifelong friend, Pat Haden. 

    “I remember exactly what I said,” McKay says. “You’re going to do what?” 

    Within an hour, McKay had left the law firm of Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Marmaro and returned to the winning sports combination of Haden and McKay. Haden would be USC’s new athletic director and McKay would be his associate in charge of the football program. 

    “I was an easy convert,” McKay says. “This is a lot more fun than being a lawyer.”

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