Jack Sears To Boise State

Former USC QB Jack Sears is transferring to Boise State.

The Broncos bring back QB Hank Bachmeier, who started eight games and missed six games due to injury.. He led the team with 1,879 passing yards, going 137-for-219 (62.6 percent) with nine touchdown passes and six interceptions.

13 thoughts on “Jack Sears To Boise State

  1. If this years college football season were to play out and Jack Sears starts for the Broncos I will guarantee you that Boise St. ends up playing in a better bowl game than USC.

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    1. (1) Season will play out.
      (2) If Slovis stays healthy USC will play in a better bowl than Boise State [regardless of who starts at Boise].

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      1. All our hopes rest on on Slovis’ shoulders, 67. Hopefully, Harrell is teaching him what Clay Russell suggested last year: quicker release, and knowing how to hit the turf when the pocket collapses…..

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  2. Jack Sears has always been a favorite of mine. I still believe he should have started ahead of Daniels based on experience with the crappy line. Having an experienced quarterback could have brought out something special in that team. I hope he proves me right this season.

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  3. As much as I think that Jack Sears got the short end of the stick while at USC, I can’t say that things haven’t worked out with Kedon Slovis being the starter. It was an unfortunate chain of events for Sears: First, with Daniels being named the starter, then Daniels getting hurt and, finally, with Slovis. Jack will do well. Good Luck, JS.

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  4. While Jack hurt his teammates in 2019 with his actions, can we say that his choice of switching conferences (and going to Boise State) will be an honorable move?

    I, for one, did not want to see Sears on the other sideline against us.

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  5. Sears was the best QB on the roster but politics won. JT had his politics that we all know until the injury, then Slovis, who is the buddy of that idiot “Wrastler Fan” that’s masquerading as our OC.

    Slovis is un-athletic and un-durable, weak armed, throws jump ball passes and the short slant, often to the other team. In most of the PAC 12 we could get away with that since our mismatches in terms of talent was like throwing the ball to grown men among pee-wees.

    Slovis and our Wrastler Fan look okay and them offense doesn’t dominate but it puts up stats, until the team across the ball looks moderately talented or well coached, in which case we get those Oregon, Iowa, etc. beat downs and turnover and sack fests.

    While I disagree with the offense, Sears would have allowed you to have a guy who is durable, very athletic, who can throw on the run, who is a very good runner and improviser. He could have covered for the sins of the OC and HC, like Darnold (even if not as good), which is why as much as I like Sears I’m glad he’s gone.


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