USC Morning Buzz: Use Caution When Listening To Clay Helton

If you ever listen to Clay Helton give an interview, it can quickly slide into rehearsed talking points.

Helton spoke to CBS Sports on Monday and once again showed how shallow/delusional he can be.

“We played our best ball at the end of the season,” Helton said. “We walked away going, `Wow, this is a team that can do some special things.’ Everybody in the building had that feeling.”

Does that include the four assistants he fired? How about the defensive line coach and defensive backs he hired and then let Todd Orlando cast off after a single season, long after most college jobs had been filled?

Best ball at end of season? USC beat Arizona State without its quarterback, Cal without its quarterback for most of the game, beat Colorado after its quarterback got hurt and beat awful UCLA. Then it got manhandled by Iowa.

“I believe in the men around me right now,” Helton said, referring to the assistant coaches. “I’m only as good as the men around me . . . I’ve always believed, you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.”

Rich words from a guy who has fired 13 assistant coaches at USC. Who are his friends?

“I’ve worked my whole life to be able to be in a situation, to be at this level of football,” Helton said. “At the most elite level of college football there is.”

Does he really believe this stuff or does he repeat it so often that he thinks it is actually true?

39 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Use Caution When Listening To Clay Helton

  1. Delusional, I don’t think so. This guy, Helton, has found a way to ingratiate himself
    with his bosses and the press. He is perfectly aware of all the bull shit he spews
    and is sticking with it.

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    1. Coach Clay Helton is an upstanding man, a family man, a christian man. You can count on your hands times he ever told a fib… most before the age of 12. He loves his players and the university… it is sad that the people who also claim to love USC are so vindictive and abusive to a Rose Bowl winning coach with a clean as a whistle program. His kids don’t get into trouble and graduate! What else must Coach Clay do to be good enough for you?


      1. Clay Helton is NOT a Div. 1 coach! Helton is at best a JV High School level coach.


  2. Learned that from reading you Scotty. I use extreme caution when reading your stuff. Actually I read it for a good laugh. Most of your fans are ucla trolls. My friend comes here to get stuff to use in attacking USC. Thanks for helping my friend out Scotty.

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  3. Welcome to the Bozo Helton comedy hour, the clown is going into his 5th season, and they’re playing at a Mountain West conference level 😂 Somebody at CBS Sports should’ve checked to see if Helton dozed off, and was talking in his sleep, because he was definitely delusional. And please remind the jackass, that Iowa treated his Trojans like rag dolls at the end of the season . “Best Ball”…Really ??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      1. Clay is a truly good guy, i get that. A sheep leading a pride of Lions will lose every time to a Lion leading a herd of sheep all the time.


  4. For the good of the program, the good of the students, Helton needs to resign. As does, the weasel like, President of USC, Carol Folt.

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      1. Helton: “Were it not for ME my players would have no parental or religious figure in their lives!”

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  5. There’s really no shame in making a bad hire. Every company, manager, and business owner has done it. What is inexcusable is to leave that bad hire in place for five years. Pathetic…Weak weak weak

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  6. Helton is the perfect example of the Peter Principle. Even if I have it wrong. “Those with principles have no peters” I think that’s how it goes. On a serious note B is really C flat and F is E sharp. I haven’t looked lately but I think Helton got his degree from a motivational speaking college Phuc U.

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    1. I love your posts, Truman — especially the ones designed to be more clever than opinionated. But –point of information– Helton is NOT the perfect example of the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle is based on the notion that a person who’s competent at lesser responsibilities will continue to be promoted until, at last, he reaches a level at which he’s incompetent. Before he was Head Coach, Helton was QB coach and Offensive Coordinator. Last year, Harrell as much as said our QB’s weren’t receiving ANY training in footwork before he got there. [Sam left early just to get out of Helton’s system].
      [By the way, everybody should listen to the Lane Kiffin interview that, I think, tebow posted —Lane actually says that the reason he lost to Arizona State is that ” when we fell behind, we had to go to an all pass offense & USC’s NOT BUILT to protect the QB in an all pass offense”]…..

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    1. Pudly, you must be posting doctored photos. How could this be Korey Foreman? Isn’t this the guy who was described here as being “slow footed” by one poster?

      How many guys north of 275 lbs can do that other than Foreman and Zion Williamson?

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  7. I seriously doubt that any of the media’s talking heads buy into any part of clay’s tired schtick. Unfortunately the networks and those they employ have no choice but to go along with his garbage and play like USC is still relevant or risk having the collegiate game percieved as a regional endeavor, which results in far fewer viewers. Add to that the big-boy national advertisers aren’t super fond of cobbling together a slew regional buys for national footprint campaigns, and therefore don’t prioritize them come budget time. Regionalization of the ncaa fb cash-cow means a smaller cow and could ultimately prove fatal to the college sports industry as a whole. Consider what’s happening to network tv as a whole. Viewership is down considerably on the medium itself, having splintered off into a million internet provided options, and as mentioned, the advertisers aren’t keen on spending primary budget on fractional buys. How “unkeen” are they you ask? They were unkeen enough in 2019 that they spent $70B less on tv than they did in 2018. That’s a lot of unkeen. And it’s probably the single biggest reason why no one’s called bullshit on coach crappy yet.

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      1. Appreciate the good word MG.

        Spent 2+ decades as a whore in that game… a well compensated whore, but a whore nonetheless. Saw a lot of things walking the street. Most notably? The moment mindshare became something reasonably predictable to capture, thanks to the rise of digital, is the moment that brands/advertisers were given control over who eats and who doesn’t. Undue influence if there ever was.


  8. USC was one ASU TE running over the middle wide open who dropped an easy pass at the end of the game from losing to ASU last year. Not to mention an ASU pick six that got called back because of a penalty. Or the fact that USC put up 28 in the first quarter and then did nothing the rest of the game only to hold on for dear life to end the game.


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  9. I would never defend Helton but Wolf just said USC beat teams that were without there QB?
    Wolf you should stop reading the little note cards Petros leaves for you in your lunch pale.


    Last time I checked we had to play a true freshman at QB because we were also playing without our starting QB.

    Is that not the truth of what happened on earth or did I dream that up?


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    1. Ha! [Scott would respond: “Yeah, but USC still had an unfair advantage — cuz our backup was way better than our starter —whereas Cal and Colorado operated on the screwed up idea that the starter was supposed to be way better than the backup —-“]…

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      1. That’s exactly what he would say. I think he should know at this point this isn’t Pete Carroll’s program where if Matt Leinart goes down you have Matt Cassel (New England Patriots), John David Booty (Rose Bowl Winner), and the last option Brandon Hance who won 6 games the year before at Purdue.
        That’s what you call having plenty of OPTIONS.


  10. By the way…..
    I do NOT think USC played its best at the end of last season.
    So any smart *** who says I agree with Clay is jus that a smart ***.

    We got humiliated by the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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    1. Clay Helton’s reply to Sam: “Well, if you’re just going by score I guess you could say USC was humiliated. But only small people judge games by the score —-”

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      1. I don’t know how Clay Helton is comfortable with the way we ended last season.
        He seriously believes everything that he says and that’s where Bohn and Folt are guilty by allowing him to continue with the expectation level being so far and away from what they know is a championship program and it’s not the one Helton currently runs.


  11. Those assistants were making a lot of money and not getting the job done. Besides, I don’t thinkl CH fired them. It was Bohn that fired them. If it was left up to CH, they would all still be there including Clancy and Baxter. That is one of CH’s problems. He doesn’t like to fire people…even when he should fire them.

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    1. He doesn’t fire people because that would be an admission that he hired wrong. When did he ever take responsibility for a poor game?

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      1. That’s true. Helton has never said “we haven’t prepared this team the way I would have liked and that’s my fault and I take responsibility for that”
        He’ll never say something like that.


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