USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Kedon Slovis

The guy keeps it real, is liked by his teammates and signs autographs. It’s not easy finding a USC star QB who meets those three criteria.

Mike Bohn

He’s got full media support and dishes out crumbs (scoops) as needed to keep them happy.

Clay Helton

Just keep humming along as the figurehead with the No. 3-ranked recruiting class. It’s good to be king.

USC recruiting

You know what’s great for USC coaches? They can rack up a bunch of commitments and drop some of those who committed later. But they still get the sugar high/buzz right now for a program badly in need of good publicity.

Celebrity graduates

Among those who graduated from USC on Friday: Pierce Brosnan’s son and Bernie Kosar’s daughter.


Mike Bohn

He needed to issue a statement after being put on his heels by the report Alabama was talking to TCU as a backup opponent for the season opener. You’re dealing with the SEC, baby.

Matt Leinart

Maybe best if he sits out commenting on the coronavirus for awhile. By the way, did any media on Bohn’s Zoom call last week mention Leinart’s comments Sunday? Buelher? Buelher?

Carol Folt

A tuition increase announcement during a recession/depression following no partial refund on tuition and an $8.5 million house in Santa Monica? Let them eat (cardinal and gold) cake!

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


    Kedon Slovis

    The guy keeps it real, is liked by his teammates and signs autographs. It’s not easy finding a USC star QB who meets those three criteria.

    How the fuck is this girl slovis a star? The girl can’t take a hit without being sidelined like a little girl with a skinned knee.

    Fucking Iowa put him out of commission, hurt her little elbow. And people think that girl will survive a qtr. vs the Tide? Shit!

    Slovis is fragile. She better hope for her sake that USC is able to avoid the game vs Alabama because if it has to play that game her football career is over.


      1. 67,
        tebow has written some smart stuff in the past. He’s also written some outrageous stuff that was, at least, clever. What happened? We’re going on a week’s worth of unsmart, unclever……..

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      2. gt — I don’t think you’re far from wrong, my friend.

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      3. Pudly — Just listened to California’s governor —-looks like USC might be practicing in time to make that date with Alabama (if L. A.’s Mayor, Larry Scott & USC’s Board and President follow his lead—-and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t)….


  2. Certainly more and more apparent, almost by the minute, that the troll who posted above is melting down, like the wicked witch doused with water. Lord help him if we actually have a fruitful season on top of a top rated class.

    P O troll.

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    1. Yea he can’t take a pounding but he managed to chuck the rock for 506 yds as a freshman with a no star O-Line.
      Imagine what he might do as a Soph & Jr.

      T-Boy, taking over for mule until the library opens. T-Boy you better step it up if you’re going to get to the ‘S'(so named by mommy so he could remember his name) level.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. The kid is a true freshman! Unbelievable how some of you cats underestimate how unprecedented it is to do things that he did. The only fair comparison is Matt Barkley and his numbers paled in comparison, Barkley also had an ultra talented team around him. Slovis needs to learn, in the words of the late Kenny Rogers, when to fold’em, hold’em, walk away, and run (throwing the ball away as well).

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  3. Check out Scottie’s blog from last night about Leinart and Bohn. Half of the posts were removed.


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    1. 67 — I have reliable information that these posts were actually removed —not by Scott — but by James Brennan….

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      1. Anybody who has ever listened to Matt’s pregame analysis, his halftime assessments or his post game comments, knows Matt’s sharp. You’re right, 67, Matt was talking about moving on from the pain of cancer —not the contagiousness of cancer. [And, btw, Matt doesn’t need to explain this any further to us —- we USC fans owe him, he doesn’t owe us]….

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  4. Kedon Slovis is more suited to play in the Lingerie Bowl. Look at his numbers when facing nonconference opponents and try to make the case that this fragile girl Slovis is a star…Please!


    1. Fresno…..6/8….57yds…….0td……1int

      Yeah 71% Comp and 11yds per Comp. For a freshman including his first start as a road game.
      You REALLY don’t know what you’re talking about. It comes to mind the old Will Rogers quote…” Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

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      1. Slovis was the 6th best passer in the country.

        And as far as the Pac-12 goes, his stats were better than Oregon’s Herbert.

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      2. USC fans have been relegated to celebrating individual statistics, not national championships . That’s the new low expectations for a imbecile head coach, who’s been running the program into the ground. Bravo 👏 Graham Harrell’s finesse offense, and 50 cents, will get you a cup of coffee, and a invitation to another irrelevant bowl game. . 😂😂


      1. I believe —in my heart —that we’ve reached the point in human history where we no longer need to counterpoint tebow……

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      2. Pudly —
        I’ve seen Helton get birds do the exact same thing….. without giving them treats….

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  5. Liked by 5 people

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