Mike Bohn Can Follow A New Adviser

Since Mike Bohn and Co. have made Matt Leinart a visible presence the past few months, maybe they should let Leinart decide when USC resumes football.

Here will be Memo No. 1: Practice starts tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Can Follow A New Adviser

    1. My bad for being unclear – Scottie’s — What is he trying to say about Leinart? That he wants to start practicing tomorrow? That he is advising Bohn? There seems to be something “significant” missing from Scottie’s train of thought, no?


    1. Neither do I. Neither does Pudly.

      GoTroy22? Michael? Marvienna? Pasadena? Truman? Global? Kenwibble? West Texas Mike? Arturo? Bourbon? Rusoviet? Megatron? Mike Bohn? Colin Cowherd? Anybody?

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      1. Isn’t he talking about when to open things back up? It seems that Leinart mentioned or tweeted something about cancer and comparing it to the present pandemic. ..I think.


      2. We don’t come here to listen to Wolf talk.

        We come here to talk to each other.


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      3. Hard to declare “practice starts tomorrow,” but “waiting for a vaccine” is absolutely a doomed policy for all aspects of life.
        (My med school buddies and I were talking about an HIV vaccine back in 1984. To this day, no vaccine for HIV as yet. Ugh.)

        I certainly hope that there has been a concerted effort to keep these young CFB players fit and in the gym. I suspect that this has not been the case, however. I hope that QBs and WR’s have been running patterns and catching balls all through this lockdown. I suspect that this has not been the case, however.

        The point has been made that COVID19 has had minimal impact on young Americans (age 18-22) right? Generally speaking, I STRONGLY favor allowing young Americans to get back to work and life. I would include University attendance (with some caution) and Sports and the Arts for these young Americans. They are low risk. I am incredibly impressed by how these young Americans have shouldered this burden during the first few months of the pandemic. Bravo!

        I lived (worked) in an Intensive Care Unit for about 3 years and saw a lot of (even young) people die on a mechanical ventilator. My worry specifically with CFB players and COVID is trying to ventilate these massive young linemen and linebackers who get infected if they “get tired of breathing” and require intubation and mechanical ventilation. Technically, it requires a lot of air pressure to inflate their massive, muscular chests. The barotrauma (mechanical injury from pumping in high pressure oxygen) over a period of a few days can be either life altering or even deadly FOR THIS specific young man.

        So….I’m torn with the CFB idea.
        These young people already know that they will likely suffer some degree of CTE if they play full HS FB and CFB. NFL Career and CTE? Damn! Orthopaedic injury and ortho damage/degenerative joint disease over their lifetime? Guaranteed.

        Statistically if we open up the D1 CFB season with 15,000+ student-athletes, we will definitely have some college FB player(s) die on a mechanical ventilator within the first few months after opening.

        Perhaps the answer is “to open up America (for these young people),” educate young CFB and their parents of the risks of COVID and respiratory distress, and let each young Student-athlete family make their decision.
        (Of course, They keep their scholarship irrespective).

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  1. Leinart is only around looking to determine how much he should lay down on Alabama if the game takes place.

    Leinart better factor in how horrible Helton’s 3rd rate coaching ability is against the spread.


  2. Gotta be honest, there are days when Scotty’s Irish coffee is more Irish and less coffee. I just think that someone who gets paid by the word, should guard his gate a little closer.

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