USC Buzz: A Quiet Sunday? Never On Social Media

17 thoughts on “USC Buzz: A Quiet Sunday? Never On Social Media

  1. Helton is not a leader or innovator. But perhaps Bohn could consider arranging a pre-season weekend scrimmage with, say, San Diego State instead of the players languishing without any real outside competition.

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    1. If only that girl would have learned to move his feet a little quicker while he was in the NFL. Leinart’s heart was only really in it for the initial signing bonus pay day…he never really wanted a long term NFL career.


  2. Korey Foreman ain’t shit.

    This is what a real #1 DE recruit looks like. Speed, size, footwork and high football IQ


    1. Pickerington, Ohio is a cow-town with a small population, so I would question the overall football ability of its high school talent. And except for one or two plays in that video I did not see this guy even blocked, so it is hard to get a true read on him…

      And to take an extreme negative point-of-view regarding Foreman undermines your credibility, or perhaps you are simply sporting for an internet fight. Either way it doesn’t much matter with society currently having bigger fish to fry than evaluating high school footballers’ talent level.

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    1. Pudly,
      If Helton ever —for some unknown reason — disappears from the face of the earth, Coach Craig Naivar could fill in for him without anyone knowing the difference.

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      1. If, during the Alabama game, Helton looks like’s he’s trimmed down…. and we never have more than (or fewer than) 11 players on the field at one time….and we wind up winning…..

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      2. P. S.
        I’m still smiling at the shift to from Hillary to Madeline……

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  3. Many tragic circumstances claim lives, and that life itself has inherent risks (none of us are getting out alive); but that we still live life. Also, CV-19 is not the most deadly contagion, nor the most dangerous avoidable risk, (whatever the extent quarantine avoids CV risk which seems, in reality be counterproductive). There are other risks and negatives that come with quarantine that outweigh benefit at this point.

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