Clay Helton Is Great At Blaming Everyone Else

I have to revisit this quote from Clay Helton that he delivered to CBS Sports, because it is amazing and shows he never takes any accountability.

“I believe in the men around me right now,” Helton said, referring to the assistant coaches. “I’m only as good as the men around me . . . I’ve always believed, you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.”

I wonder if the USC assistant coaches believe in Helton? Or believe they are only as good as Helton?

Remember, this is the guy who wraps himself up in “Faith, Family and Football” but then blames everything on his assistant coaches.

He likes to be portrayed as a “good guy.” Ask people who worked for him how he treats people. That is where the “good guy” narrative falls apart. He’s basically a craven individual who will say or do anything to save himself.

33 thoughts on “Clay Helton Is Great At Blaming Everyone Else

  1. ” I’m feeling like this topic has been visited several times already and now borders on the possibility of becoming obsessive…”


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      1. Yeah? Well every time you get removed my reply to you gets removed too! Straighten up, Pudly. You’re getting us BOTH in trouble. [This is getting worse than me and Terry Schofield getting kicked out of Catholic grammar school every month]……

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      2. Nothing that happens to you is out of the blue, Pudly. You’ve been a bad influence on me and 67 for a long time….

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      3. I feel like I just saw Scottie outside my house, spying on me…fellas, if you don’t hear from me in the next day or so, you know what to do

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      4. Pudly —That statement is not fair! The French and Italian generals bravely gave the orders to fire on the Germans as they were leaving their cities…

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      5. 67 — I adore high drama. You need to go silent for a week…. just to scare everybody.

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      6. “He removed my post “. 😭😭😭 Fucking Cry Baby 😭 😭😭 Go start your own blog, and let’s see who follows you 😂😂


      7. You can be honest with me, go on tell me the truth…
        You’re not really Lynn, are you


  2. Madeline would never say anything this measured, Pudly. Remember what she said in 2016? “There is a special place in Hell for anybody who doesn’t believe in Hillary Clinton….or Clay Helton!!”

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    1. 100%! Those were the odds Haden was given for USC winning in Federal Court against the NCAA…

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      1. Michael, yes, BUY – they don’t have a spare roll of athletic tape to their name.

        $19 million athletic deficit last year – expected $11 million athletic deficit this fiscal year.

        Wasserman has told them no more $$$ for buyouts. The state budget is cutting the UC system by 10% next fiscal year.

        And I don’t think that the current political climate in Westweird will be ok with Urban.

        Conclusion: Stan’s donuts favorite customer is still good to go for 3 more years.

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      2. Wake me up when chippie gets his guys, would ya.? Oh, and there’s this…

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      3. P. S.
        I wish Scott had a spy working the nearest do-nut shop to Chip’s house…who could get a photo of Chip, wearing a pair of glasses and false nose, waiting in his car at 7am for the drive up window to open….

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      4. …and more photos of him starting to drive out of the lot….but only getting as far as the driveway ….where he stops, blocking traffic….and begins to gulp down a dozen and a half jelly donuts…. and then gets back in line….

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  3. This topic has been revisited but i do not get tired of Helton bashing! He is such an obvious fraud i feel like it is insulting our intelligence that he is still the USC head football coach. He is simply a position coach (If that) nothing more.

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  4. LMAO! I am gonna answer because it is hilarious! of all things he was hired by Lame to be a quarterbacks coach!!!! but he did not know who was better between Browne and Darnold!? We all remember Kessler (Yikes) No disrespect to Kessler he was just a kid doing what his coaches told him. Matt Barkley seemed to regress with Helton as his position coach. Geez! how is he still here? His track record reads like a comedy of errors.


  5. “I’ve always believed, you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.””…explains who got the UCLA Game Balls doesn’t it?


  6. Sounds like dear leader trump.

    Mr. “I Alone Can Fix It”
    Yet, “I take responsibility for nothing!”


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