And Now A Great Tim Floyd Story

If you watched “The Last Dance” documentary, you might want to check out this story on the Bulls the season after everyone left.

Former USC coach Tim Floyd was the Bulls coach in 1998-99. He told me he could make in four years the same it would take him 10 years to make at Iowa State.

Anyways, when Floyd coached at USC, he was famous for his frequent visits to Baja Cantina in Marina del Rey. And anyone who ever went on a road trip with USC basketball could enjoy great conversations with Floyd at the hotel bars. I don’t even remember him drinking. He was just a social person.

This is all a set up to a great story about when Floyd coached the Bulls.

14 thoughts on “And Now A Great Tim Floyd Story

  1. Ha! Great story, Scottie!

    #SnowshoeSundays (Don’t try, they are awful – Wild Turkey and Peppermint Schnapps)

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      1. If you have a problem with California then GTFO and move to trump country down in the south.

        I see you clowns complaining about California all the time, crying about taxes and whatever else, well no one is asking you to stay…just GTFO!


      2. Poor tbone….just wondering if those masks he ordered were released yet, hmmm, paid 3x what LA paid…always easy when it isn’t your money to spend.

        You useless troll 💋

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      3. Pudly Dumb Fuck, you don’t own a pot to piss in. Still living in your grandma’s basement, spending all fucking day on the internet, scouring twitter like a 12 year old girl looking for shit to cut, copy and paste on this site…get a fucking life.

        If there’s anyone living off the government or others, it’s you. You have no job other than constantly being on here sucking helton’s balls and pandering for likes. Take a good look at yourself, you’re fucking pathetic.


  2. For stories about a USC coach drinking I would have thought it would have been about Sarkisian or Kevin O’Neill.


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    1. O’Neil must’ve looked up to Bobby Knight. Emotions…..they were very high with both only O’Neil had a red face all game.


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