What Can USC Teach Ole Miss?

When I see this tweet, I think of the time I was outside the Coliseum and saw a USC fan asleep in a lawn chair.

I’m not sure what else to show an SEC tailgate. I mean Ole Miss fans met Lane Kiffin at the airport. USC fired Kiffin at the airport.


33 thoughts on “What Can USC Teach Ole Miss?

  1. I hope Helton is fired and sent out of town years before USC plays Mississippi..
    I was never a fan of Kiffin, but he’s a thousand times better than Helton…
    I pray that USC gets to play Alabama and gets embarrassed again snd Helton is fired at LAX.. Out athletes deserve better. They need to be coached up to the NFL level and be drafted. They won’t with these inept dimwits in charge… That includes Folt and Bohn!!

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      1. They should fire Helton while the plane is still in the air on the way home from Dallas.



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    1. I’m also hoping we play Bama so Bohn and Folt can get an up close look at how Helton gets hammered by the big boys.

      Clay Helton will be 0-4 in the state of Texas and will have lost his third game at Jerry’s World being 0-3.

      ALABAMA…L (Saban bitch slapped Clay Helton)

      OHIO STATE…L (The Buckeyes pushed us around on the line both offensive and defensive and Helton never showed he can match Urban Meyers punches getting out coached)

      TEXAS…L (Embarrassed and overwhelmed by the crowd and atmosphere that owned him against the Longhorns)

      Round 2
      This time vs. ALABAMA….L (Saban makes Clay Helton say “No Mas!)


    1. That kind of felt like a drive by shooting only in the form of a crosstown rivalry insult.
      We’ll let this one go Ted.


  2. Tacos!

    (In response to the question, “What will you bring from LA to to show the locals what USC tailgating is all about?”

    Salad would be a close second.

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      1. The level of the coaching on Maui is unreal, Sam. I watch the kids play football and baseball at Whale Park and I wish I had coaches like these guys when I was young.

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  3. Can someone teach Pudly Dumb Fuck anything other than sucking helton’s balls and scouring twitter 24/7?


    1. Jack Pudly76 loves to blow kisses to dudes too, but then again, I can’t blame him. Because he recently changed his profile picture from Hillary Clinton, to his wife . 🤮🤮🤮. Ain’t that right, Pops? 😂😂. Go drink your daily dose of mineral water, so you can have your daily bowel movement, old man 😂😂


  4. I thought the idea of firing Helton on the airplane would be a stroke of happiness for us loyal USC fans. Yet. you bet that any way they can avoid playing Alabama and getting their ass kicks, from the top of the administration, to that idiot that is head of the Athletic Department, they are of thinking of ways not to play that game How would it look I’d Alabama kick USC ass on National TV, when you have gone against the wishes of the very loyal fan base to fire that want to be coach Helton. They would rather play a 12 game PAC 12 schedule, so they can beat these football powerhouses, Arizonan, 4-9 UCLA, 5-7 Berserkly, powerhouse Colorado , now lets us forget 2–9 Oregon State. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH THAT USC WILL DARE PLAY ALABAMA.

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  5. Clancy’s issues was busted coverage/missed assignments, and being on the field too long, top many plays, too many mistakes. It wasn’t scheme or being out-athleted. On both sides it starts well then the mistakes pile up from soft, high risk, undisciplined ball.

    Bama is scary for SC because it usually is extremely disciplined but they don’t have the time to prep. Maybe we play a bit more conservatively with Bama, instead of our usual high risk, excessive passing. Neither team will be be well prepared– no spring fb– and we have more experience on offense, which plays well for us. It’s more a contest of athletes. I could see a close game even pulling it out in the end.

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  6. Ole Miss is an average team right now, but still good enough to whip the Trojans ass up and down the field. If the administration gets rid of that Clown 🤡 of a coach , Clay Helton sooner than later, the Trojans may have a chance when they meet Lane Kiffen and friends.


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