Morning Buzz: What Are USC’s Strength And Weaknesses?

Here is how I size up USC at the moment.

PRIMARY STRENGTHS: USC brings back almost every starter from last season and is one of the most experienced teams in the Pac-12. Ten defensive players started at least six games last season. Jordan Iosefa, who redshirted, started nine games in 2018. There are also higher expectations because USC replaced two of the perceived weak links on the coaching staff (defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, special teams coach John Baxter).

POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: Will the coaching changes and experience overcome the fact Clay Helton is 13-12 the past two seasons? Will Helton be a distraction for the team? The offensive line had problems last season and might be worse this season. Offensive coordinator Graham Harrell was not always committed to the run last season and a lack of a balanced offense could hurt the Trojans. 

26 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: What Are USC’s Strength And Weaknesses?

  1. USC is not going anywhere with that soft finesse offense, especially with an offensive line as their weakness. Michael Pittman Jr. won at least two to three games single handedly last season, but he’s gone. And no other receiver on the roster can replace him, regardless of their high school accolades. Then there’s the overrated coaches that failed at Texas, but because they shout at practice, the Trojan hopefuls think they have something special , but guess who’s still the head coach? 😂. Look for Bozo Helton to start the season exactly the way it ended against Iowa… I guarantee! 😂😂

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  2. Strengths: possible cancellation of Bama and ND games thus playing games against the pathetic WAC12, probably no fans in the stands booing Gomer at home

    Weakness: Gomer and his son Opie

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  3. In an odd way, Helton is the team’s greatest strength —every player on the 2020 team wants to prove they “can win in spite of Helton.” They need to prove to the world they’re not extensions of their coach. When you listen to interviews of this year’s starters the thing that hits you first is —they’re smart. It must embarrass the shit outta them to see their coach doing these weird ass videos about cleaning up the kitchen and walking the dogs. It’s like watching those “My Pillow” commercials with Mike Lindell (“I’m interrupting my own commercial to tell you how holy I am!”) —personally, I think Helton’s embarrassing presence will rocket this team to greatness….

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    1. P. S.
      With no screaming fans to drown his voice out, television will pick up [and family audiences will hear] Holy Helton screaming “fuck you” and “that’s fucking bullshit” several dozen times every quarter……

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    2. Oh ok, well that means the Trojans don’t need a coach, and they’ll skyrocket into the playoffs without one. That will be the most incredible feat, in the history of college football 😂😂😂

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      1. When it came to Helton, Sam basically followed Ali’s advice –“when I go back to the corner I never ask for advice…and if they give it, I never listen.”


    1. What are you talking about, marvienna? The video of Helton cleaning the kitchen is the picture of strength…

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      1. Helton says “If you thought I was a football coach you should see me in the kitchen, I make a heck of a casserole”

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      2. Being “henpecked” is not a picture of strength.



      3. At least he hasn’t descended to the level of Whippedness of Joe Scarbelly where his wife Mika must defend him…


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      4. Many years ago, gt, Joe was a man ….much like other men…..


    1. Like

    2. Mike,
      Football is at an all time high over there from what it looks like. The youth over there now have seen dreams become reality with Marcus Mariota winning a Heisman and then Tua Tagovailoa on the biggest stage playing with Nick Saban and winning a National Championship.
      My buddy that coaches my son went to Farrington High, of course he is a big time Polamalu and Seau fan but Jesse Sapolu is the guy that all the men look up to and want their sons to be like. He said football and the participants involved are crazy over there. Lots of coaches with great football minds that would do well in the states.


  4. Dude what’s up with 247 dropping Ma’a Gaoteote from #90 down to a 3-Star and I don’t think he’s in the top 200.
    That’s weak.
    Julien Simon fell completely out of the top 247 rankings.
    They didn’t elaborate on why they fell out just GHOSTED them.

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  5. Hey cry baby 😭 Jack Pudly76, do you want your post deleted again? 😂😂. Go have a glass of mineral water, and some fiber flakes, so you can have your evening bowel movement, Pops 😂 And where’s my daily kiss, I kinda miss those .


  6. I talked to a scout player who is running around 3-5 miles almost everyday. I asked him what he thought of Helton. Put it this way, he was way too neutral to slight negative towards Helton. This is a scout player. I wonder what the main players think.

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  7. I think 2 of the new coaches – Donte and So’Oto are a strength for this program. Not to say that will be enough. But still strengths.

    Of course, none of this really matters once you realize that Urban Meyer will be hired at UCLA. By the end of the first season, UCLA pulls an upset win over USC and then the whole program at USC falls apart. The whole recruiting class leaves SC, with half of them ending up at UCLA. Fans go berserk and Folt is escorted out of LA for the last time, to be sent into hiding in the emerald city.


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