More Tim Floyd Stories

Since Tim Floyd was a subject of an entertaining article on his first year coaching the Chicago Bulls, I’m going to re-post some stories from USC.

7 thoughts on “More Tim Floyd Stories

    1. Are you in need of a mental evaluation? I’m amazed that you would post that comment. I have followed Trojans basketball since 1976 & Tim Floyd was the best coach ever period. Let’s go over the facts 1) upset win over Kevin Durant& Texas. 2) developing Vuchvich into NBA All Star in Orlando. 3) made Taj Gibson into a productive NBA player. 4) ask Demar D’Rosen how great Tim was- I had the pleasure of meeting with him. 5) Nick Young was developed by Tim. 6) Gabe Pruitt is another example for you to ponder. You can discuss clown coaches in Kevin O’Neil & Charlie Parker but Tim Floyd was simply the best.


    2. What planet did you just arrive from? Tim Floyd did an outstanding job of coaching at USC. He was excellent at recruiting, teaching, and overall development of his players. USC made a huge mistake when it fired Floyd for a bogus reason.


  1. Bad driver but the best basketball coach USC has had in my lifetime. Stupid USC administrators sacrificed the dude’s career in order to try to appease the NCAA and somehow save the football program by throwing basketball under the bus. Floyd did nothing wrong, and the USC admin wound up looking like the complete idiots that they are.

    If USC still had Tim Floyd there would have been a few Final Four appearances for them. But no, USC is stuck with the Clay Helton of basketball coaches: Andy Enfield.

    Helton and Enfield may be dopes, but at USC they are the alpha dogs of intelligence.

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