Aunt Becky Only Got 2 Months?

You probably already heard, but I still need to comment on this: Actor Lori Loughlin and her husband agreed to plead guilty in the College Admissions Scandal. Loughlin will serve 2 months in jail and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will serve 5 months.

Loughlin will pay a $150,000 fine while Giannulli will pay $250,000.

So all that legal wrangling the past year and Loughlin will only do two months? Maybe losing her career was the real penalty, if she doesn’t get it back.

Will Jovan Vavic do any time? What will Donna Heinel do?

29 thoughts on “Aunt Becky Only Got 2 Months?

  1. Way less than 2 months with coronavirus and the fact that you only really service 30% of non violent sentences.


  2. Is anyone really surprised? If Pudly didn’t get sent to Pelican Bay for his deviancy, did you really expect Lori Loughlin to do any serious time?


    1. Jack-Pudly76 is disappointed that he’s not going Pelican Bay, because he was looking forward to being “Bottom Boy” for the inmates .

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  3. Everyone at USC connected to these cases should be in prison, and that includes that slime ball, Pat Haden. The celebrities didn’t solicit those privileges, but they’re guilty for accepting them.

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      1. I think your a little PO’d that nobody is discussing UGLY.
        Not that I disagree with Feldman that USC has recruited well since Pete, but that the coaching just hasn’t been there to match the talent.

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  4. Neither one of those two idiots will serve longer than a few days due to coronavirus.

    ‘Ol Skank Becky looks like Elizabeth Warren…LOL!

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      1. What did they figure was that she is .01% Native American if that.
        Reminds me of that leader of the NAACP who claimed to be black.

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  5. Giannulli is a multi millionaire in his own endeavors. So I kind of doubt these people will feel too much pain in the coming months, let alone years. My problem is with the two girls. What have they learned from this? A life lesson? From what I have read they are typical of kids of privilege in Hollywood. Insulated by their parents and given whatever they need/want.

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    1. They’re two entirely different people now, kenwible — humbler, less selfish, more sensitive to the needs of others……

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  6. Donna Heinel plead not guilty. She is fighting her charges and going to trial in October. Every person that pleaded guilty, including ringleader Singer, will testify against her. Heinel is looking at 10+ years in the pokey, and more than $500,000 in legal fees!

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  7. The laws in the country are just for the middle and lower classes. These laws are not for the rich and the famous. If they were Bill, Hillary and half of the Obama administration would be in jail today.

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    1. True story — I was present in court when a judge sentenced an old man, over my objection, to 30 days for stealing a hot dog from an AM/PM store. The judge prefaced his sentence with the words “I know you were just hungry but that’s no excuse…” I interrupted him and asked for the reporter to mark the transcript at that point because I wanted “to keep that page of the transcript on my office door”……

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      1. I ate an AM/PM hot dog once. That old guy must have been really hungry.

        MG, since you instructed the court reporter to ‘mark the transcript’ you would have been the prosecuting asst DA. Where you going after this guy because …..why?


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      2. [Not that I owe an explanation….but] ….I was supervising trial interns in two adjoining courtrooms —-going back and forth all day long . When I walked in on this guy’s sentencing (he’d already entered his plea before I walked in), I checked the file and saw he was being sentence for repeat petty thefts at this same AM/PM store (the previous conviction was for stealing popcorn) . When the judge [who was a true asshole] announced his indicated sentence, I told him that was more than what was fair & more than the state wanted. I think he reduced the guy’s time to 10 days.
        That same judge (I’m pretty sure that same day….but I can’t remember positively) was going to sentence this kid to a year for pulling out the telephone when his meth-head wife was calling the police on him for forcibly taking her drugs away (and bruising her arm in the process). When I said “if the Public Defender doesn’t object, maybe we should send this out for a probation report” (cuz I knew the probation office would recommend time served), the judge yelled “why should she object?! you’ve been doing her job for her all day!). It was that day I realized I was burnt out as a prosecutor —I no longer wanted to just take a piece out of every defendant.
        [btw, the moment that kid came over to me to say “thank you” was one of the things I’ll always remember about my time as a prosecutor]…..

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      3. MG
        There is a certain sense of paternal pride in my heart when I see your split second self correcting post.


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    2. No, the whole Trump administration are the real criminals. You are such a
      jerk. Who wants your dumb ass comments. Talk USC sports which you
      surely have no idea about them.


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